Int'l Students Explore Chiense Dragon Boat Festival Culture
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In order to let international students have a better understanding of Chinese culture, and also to strengthen the communication and friendship between teachers and international students, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering held a Dragon Boat culture salon for international students in D3 in the afternoon of June 15th.

The deputy secretary of the Party Committee, teacher Wu Jiange , the vice president, teacher Liu Hongfang, the director of the Department of Education, teacher Liu Lian, teacher Li Juanhua from the Administration Office and the postgraduate counselor, Xu Yuzi, jointly attended this activity,and spent a meaningful and unforgettable festival with students from all over the world.

First of all, international students’ class teacher, Luo Bangde, used vivid PPT to introduce the historical origin and the developing process of the Dragon Boat Festival, which makes students comprehend the cultural origin of the Dragon Boat Festival more clearly.

It seems to be a few simple steps of wrapping a zongzi——Fold the leaves, fill in the glutinous rice, put dates and tie ropes, but in the eyes of international students, it’s not that easy. So the director of the Department of Education, teacher Liu Lian, first demonstrated how to make a zongzi, and hand by hand to teach international students. In the meanwhile, Mr. Liu also explained Chinese traditional culture to help them have a further comprehension of Chinese culture. Because international students studied very hard and they soon mastered the basic skills.

College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has always attached great importance to series of educational activities about Chinese traditional culture for international students. As a significant gripper to strengthen the ideological education work, the “Dragon Boat” culture salon not only brought the culture charm to international students from different countries, but also gave them family warmth as relatives.


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