New Int'l Students Explore the Glamour of Wuhan
By 王雨静 | 2018-03-22 |   

International students visit Yellow Crane Tower

Even though the chill wind as well as the continuous rain still lingering in Wuhan in the early Spring, the enthusiasm of our international students in HUST was never be influenced by it. Last Sunday morning, with the organization of the International Student Office (ISO), a group of HUST international students departed from the Friendship Apartment to start their exploration of Wuhan City.

The first station of the City Tour, as we all expected, was the well-known Yellow Crane Tower. All the international students climbed up the mountain by tracing the ancient stone slab road, eventually met with the spectacular Yellow Crane Tower standing still stately in the embrace of the forest.

On the way to the tower, there was a huge bronze clock, which is so grand that everyone of us had to raise our head and marvel at its delicacy. After listening to the introduction of the unique meaning of Ringing-the-Bell in Chinese history, all of the international students simply couldn’t wait to strike the huge bronze clock 9 times by using a long wooden stick to pray for happiness and fulfillment of future life.

There was a moment that will be well remembered by all of our international friends: A little Chinese boy who was also visiting the tower with his family, with his face blushed, intensely told the international students, “Welcome to China!” Then his family and people around them all sent a warm smile to our international friends. This lovely moment would definitely be engraved into every international student’s exclusive memory in China.

International students visit Hubei Provincial Museum

It was absolutely a mind-blowing sight when the international students stood on the top floor of the Yellow Crane Tower to overlook the splendid view of Wuhan. Being decorated with those delicate ornament on the roof of the tower, the scenery of the city enjoyed a harmonious and magnificent circumstance which even guided us to a space-time travel to go back to the ancient China and narrated the historical story of this amazing land.

Since we had already experienced the beauty of the mountain and architecture, by no means should we miss the glamour of water in Wuhan. Therefore, our next stop is the Hankou Riverside Park, the long shore of the river. People enjoyed their lunch along the river, accompanied by the slight and mild spring rain.

It is known to us all that Hubei province is famous for her affluent resources of historical relics which are so unique and typical that attracted specialists around the world to carry out relevant study on them. In this way, we chose the Hubei Provincial Museum as the terminal of the City Tour. Undoubtedly, one of the best way to learn the culture of a certain area comprehensively is to study from its history.  

Coincidentally, the museum opened a new exhibition area which introduced the brief history of the famous Tea Road (“万里茶道”in Chinese). It could be dated back to 17th Century, a group of Chinese businessmen who planted and collected a certain amount of tea, explored a business road to transit them from Fujian Province, which is at the South of China, passing through Hankou, to the remote St. Petersburg in Russia.  

“How great Chinese businessmen were! It was such a long way and such an early time! Thanks to their efforts, there were more Russian people could get the chance to drink tea from China.” One of the international students from Russia sighed with excitement.

Though it was too hard to call it a day, we had to end up our trip at dawn. It is the first page of the brand new exploration of this amazing city, even of China. We hold the belief that our international students will definitely manage to explore more glamour of Wuhan in the near future.

International students visit Hubei Provincial Museum





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