SICA held the Global Tour Event–Approaching Europe
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(通讯员 叶姿怡)11月28日晚,为促进中外学生的沟通与交流,我校学生国际交流协会(SICA)以“走进欧洲”为主题,在东九教学楼D213举行了“在HUST看世界”(Global Tour in HUST)的活动。






在HUST看世界(Global Tour in HUST,简称GT)是SICA的品牌项目之一,每学期会举行二至三次活动,旨在为广大国际学生提供展示自己国家的平台,同时拓宽在校中国学生的国际视野,打开文化交流融合的窗口,促进我校中外学生的沟通和了解。

(Reported by Elena)The evening of November 28th, in order to promote the communication and exchange of Chinese and international students, Students’ International Communication Association(SICA) of HUST held Global Tour Event – Approaching Europe in the East nine building D213.


This activity invited two European students to introduce their customs through travel, food and culture and so on. Michela and Roberto from Italy, showed us the different character of the Italians in the north and south by some humorous short plays and introduced several Italian gestures. Max from Germany, showed the German people's righteousness and the attitude of strictness through a series of pictures and examples.


In the activity, the three speakers also played a game called Passing Words in Italian and German. It not only disseminated the beauty of language in all countries, but also promoted mutual friendship in the interaction.


Global Tour in HUST (GT in short) is one of the SICA brand projects. It will be held twice or three times each semester, in order to provide the platform for the majority of international students to demonstrate their countries. At the same time, it can broaden Chinese students’ international vision, open the window of cultural integration, and to promote communication and understanding between Chinese and international students.

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