International Undergraduates Visited Hubei Provincial Museum
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On March 24th, 45 international undergraduate students newly enrolled in the year of 2016, from School of Electronic Information and Communications, School of Mechanical Science and Engineering, and School of Economics, visited Hubei Provincial Museum. At 1:30pm, international students led by Ms Qi Xiaoyan, lecturer of the course General Introduction of China, took the bus to the museum.

When stepping into the main exhibition hall, international students were attracted by the guiding directions of the exhibition halls immediately. The museum was holding more than 10 exhibitions at the moment, among which were the exhibition of Zeng Houyi Tomb, Yunxian people - the ancient human beings along Yangtze River, Sword of Goujian, Soil and fire art - ancient porcelain exhibition and so on. International students started their trip according to the guiding directions and took a close look at the ancient Chinese civilization. Students are mostly attracted by marvelous collections such as chimes of Zeng Houyi, Sword of Goujian, and plum Vase from Yuan Dynasty.

Following the timeline of Chinese history, international students firstly came into the Exhibition Hall of Late Spring and Autumn Period - Sword of Goujian Exhibition Hall, where students felt not only the sharpness of sword, the superb smelting technology of ancient China, but also the tenacity and toughness of Goujian’s survival. Afterwards, students entered the exhibition hall of early Warring States - Zeng Houyi Tomb Exhibition Hall where students were attracted by the large chimes of three layers and eight groups. Both the shape and the sound of Chime were extremely refreshing for those international students. Stepping out from the Warring States, students came into the Porcelain Exhibition Hall, where the plum Vase from the Yuan Dynasty was particularly unique among all. Students not only witnessed the superb technology of Chinese porcelain, but also perceived the integrity and pride of the Chinese personality.

On the right side entrance of the first floor, a special exhibition named the Sea of Civilization - from Ancient Egypt to the Byzantine Mediterranean was held and it is a cooperative display between Chinese and Italian government. The visiting students mainly came from Africa and West Asia, where the Mediterranean civilization had great influences on. Students were excited to see those familiar shipping models, paintings and decorations and they all took pictures with interests. Perhaps they had never thought that they would see their own cultural relics in China which is thousands of miles away from their hometown.

The rain stopped when students came out from the museum. Looking up at the sky after the rain which had reflected with the white walls and blue tiles of Hubei Provincial Museum. Students all felt that although they came from all over the world, they are all living under the same sky at this moment.



跟随时光的步伐,同学们首先来到了春秋晚期的展厅——越王勾践剑的展厅。 在这里,留学生们感受的不仅仅是剑气削铁如泥的,中国古代工艺冶炼技术的高超,更感动的是越王勾践卧薪尝胆的坚韧和魄力,啧啧之声不绝于口。接下来进入的是战国早期的展厅——曾侯乙墓展厅。在这里,学生们一眼就被那三层八组的编钟吸引。编钟无论从造型还是从音质上,都让留学生们耳目一新。走出战国,来到了瓷器馆,在这里,元代的青花四爱图梅瓶,在众多瓷器中显得尤为独特。通过它,留学生感受的不仅仅是中国瓷器精湛的技术,更能知道中国人那如梅兰竹菊般高风亮节、出于泥而不染的情操。

走出展厅,在一楼的右边,恰逢中意(意大利)的馆际合作“文明之海——从古埃及到拜占庭的地中海文明 ”在省博展览。本次参观学习的留学生多来自非洲和西亚,正是地中海文明曾经衍射的地方。看到展厅内那熟悉的船模、彩绘、装饰,学生们非常激动,纷纷拿起相机拍照。也许他们不曾想到,在千里之外的中国,还能见到自己文明的遗迹。



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