2016 Autumn Semester (Awarding Ceremony) Successfully Held
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The Conference for Chinese Language Students in 2016 Autumn Semester & Awarding Ceremony is successfully held on December 27th in the International Student Activity Center. Nearly 150 Chinese language students from 12 classes attended the conference. The vice dean of the School of International Education Ms.Zhao Xiaofeng, and the Vice Professor of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature Ms.Luo Lin addressed the opening speech.


First of all, Ms.Zhao Xiaofeng fully affirmed the progress made by the Chinese language students in this semester, "Many of you couldn’t speak Chinese when firstly coming to China, but after several months’ study, not only can you go shopping by yourselves, but even bargain with the shopkeepers. Congratulations on your progress." Then, she also introduced the advantage of learning resources in HUST. Hope all of you could cherish the opportunities to study here and make full use of learning resources, and strive to become the cultural ambassador between China and the world in order to spread the seeds of friendship.


Professor Luo Lin congratulated on the prize winners, "You have not only gained knowledge, but also friendship, even love in HUST. I hope you can keep up your great efforts, learn from each other, help each other, and better integrate yourselves into the campus and social life, so that the journey of seeking for knowledge and enlightenment in China will be more substantial and fruitful.


Mr. Yin, who is in charge of the Chinese language student affairs, reflected the rich and colorful extra-curricular activities held in this semester by PPT with the students, which included making Chinese knots, bracelets, kites, lanterns, Peking Opera makeup, dumplings, paper cutting, and practice calligraphy and Chinese painting etc. Cultural activities have not only enabled the international students to grasp a deeper understanding towards Chinese culture, but also enhanced the communication between classes, which are important complements to classroom learning.

There are three types of individual awards and one collective award, namely the Best Performance Award, the Perfect Attendance Award, the Greatest Improvement Award and the Best Class. 69 students from over 50 countries are entitled. Ms.Zhao and Ms.Luo presented the awards. Class A2 won the title of Best Class for their harmonious class atmosphere, and Mongolian student Su Le as the representative of Class A2 shared the moments about how the class learn, play games, tour around together and assist each other against difficulties, which greatly touched the audience. "Not only did we have the attendance rate as nearly 100% of the whole class, but also the harmonious relationship between teachers and students. Not so long ago, there was a classmate in our class who had been injured in the leg. Some of the students insisted on carrying her to the classroom punctually. We also celebrated the birthday of our teacher and we are just like a big family!” Su Le’s sharing deeply touched teachers and students at present.


Sharing the experience about learning Chinese was the last part of the conference and three students respectively from primary, secondary and advanced level delivered the speech. They are Moroccan student Fang Ziyi from B2, Turkish student Deng Lixin from C2 and Vietnamese student Jin Qiufang from E. They all mentioned that it was of high importance to watch Chinese movies and listen to Chinese songs in the Chinese learning process. Deng Lixin from the Confucius Institute won a big applause from other students by her fluent Chinese and vivid metaphors. Quoting the words from the neoteric language master Zhao Yuanren as “Chinese is not required by teaching, but by practicing”, she introduced her approaches in learning Chinese——admiring the lyrics while listening to Chinese songs and intimate the Chinese advertisement slogans. The cases she demonstrated in her own life were so interesting that all the audience could not help laughing. In closing, all the students took graduation photos together for memory.


It’s said that there are about 220 Chinese language students registered in the School of Teaching Chinese as A Foreign Language and this year, the number surpassed 200 for the first time through the recent years, witnessing the progress in our international Chinese education. The conference held in each semester fueled up the students’ motivation in Chinese language study by awarding the outstanding learners and in the same time, it provides a platform for the students to share the learning experiences with each other and most of all, it’s the graduation ceremony for the graduates.












分享环节中,3名优秀汉语生分别代表初中高三个等级分享学习汉语的经历和经验,他们分别是B2班的摩洛哥籍学生方子怡、C2班的土耳其籍学生邓丽欣和E班的越南籍学生金秋芳,她们都提到看电影和听中文歌曲对于学习中文的重要性,其中来自孔子学院的邓丽欣因其流利的中文给大家留下了深刻的印象。 她引用赵元任先生的“汉语是练出来的,不是教出来的”,并介绍了自己特别的汉语学习方法——边听音乐边看歌词及套用广告词等,她生动的学习实例引得大家会心一笑。最后大家一起拍毕业照合影留念。









优秀奖: 柯妮(俄罗斯联邦)   李娜(俄罗斯联邦)   马欣怡(俄罗斯联邦)

全勤奖: 萨苒(蒙古)

进步奖: 柯诗意(波兰)       周璐(摩洛哥)       张   胜(蒙古)


优秀奖: 张亚迪(印度尼西亚)  王丽珍(印度尼西亚)   苏乐(蒙古)  黎文常(越南)

全勤奖: 孙美英(阿尔及利亚)  顾清然(阿尔及利亚)

进步奖: 李  纹(老挝)        王  达(多哥)         尼蕊(印度尼西亚)


优秀奖:金起完(韩国)   裴红妃(韩国)   单礼柯(哈萨克斯坦)

全勤奖:陈  博(刚果(金)民主共和国)  尹  涛(泰国) 明源(加蓬)

进步奖:卢  美(刚果(金)民主共和国)  莫  乐(也门)


优秀奖: 王如萱(伊朗)      木  斯(也门)   胡思议(也门)   恩义(英国)

全勤奖: 孔  迪(科特迪瓦)  孟安诺(科特迪瓦)

进步奖: 文倞杓(韩国)


优秀奖:江俊杰(科特迪瓦)  叶楠(科特迪瓦)   柯梦思(刚果(金)民主共和国)   柯涵乐(也门)

全勤奖:张可扬(也门)      杨鲁(老挝)

进步奖:胡佩涛(也门)      奈福(也门)   林汉一(也门)   福来(也门)



全勤奖:阿    曼(也门)

进步奖:米雪儿(厄瓜多尔) 吴可(乌干达)  李东熙(韩国)


优秀奖:方子怡(摩洛哥)   白莉(比利时)

全勤奖:龚少罗(巴西)     李莎(哥斯达黎加)

进步奖:全哲熙(韩国)     杜刚(沙特阿拉伯) 



进步奖:马  和(也门)  叶美莉(印度尼西亚)唐梦珂(多哥)


优秀奖:邓丽欣(土耳其) 金吉俊(朝鲜)      尹贤柱(朝鲜)


优秀奖:马  丽(印度尼西亚)  崔美姃(韩国)

进步奖:刘丽美(英国)        托马斯(法国)


优秀奖:金秋芳(越南) 黄玉英(越南) 

进步奖:李  韵(法国)


进步奖:陈宝玲(印度尼西亚) 丘亮(毛里求)


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