5 Int'l Students Supported By CSC“Explore the Capital of China”
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On Nov.2nd to 5th,five Chinese Government Scholarship Students in our university were invited to join a trip named “Explore the Capital of China ”, a social practice and cultural activity organized by Chinese Scholarship Council.

During this trip,the International students visited the CPPCC Culture and History Museum and learnt China's political system and political consultation system through symposium;Followed was a research trip to China Development Bank, where they grasped a deeper understanding towards China's economic and social development. Afterwards, they visited the museum in Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the national key laboratory in Beijing Jiaotong University,from which they realized the important role of colleges and universities in promoting the scientific and technological development in China. An ensuing visit to the National Stadium enabled them to experience the rich connotation of the Olympic spirit.

The Chinese Scholarship Council even held a wonderful social party where everybody fully showed their talent and displayed their vigor in a relaxing and cheerful atmosphere.

Short as the two and-a half days’ trip was, it demonstrated the past and present of China for the international students from different countries in an intensive way,from which they could feel the rapid development in China and experience the real existence of the Chinese dream. It’s reported that around 100 Chinese Government Scholarship Students from 19 universities participated in the activity.

 112-5日,我校5名中国政府奖学金优秀学生代表受国家留学基金委的邀请,参加了由国家留学基金管理委员会(Chinese Scholarship Council)组织的“感知中国首都行”社会实践与文化体验活动。







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