2016 MBBS Students Visited Hubei Provincial Museum
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(Reported by Li Junyi)On the morning of October 23, 2016 MBBS new students from Department of Life Science & Technology, visited the Hubei Provincial Museum and learned Chinese history during the tour.


All students gathered at 8:00am and took the bus to the museum under the guidance of teachers and volunteers. Students firstly visited the exhibition hall of Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, and then paid a vist to the Porcelain display. All international students were obsessed with the Chinese chimes and all kinds of delicate porcelains. They kept asking all kinds of questions to the volunteers and read English introductions of relics show and took photos for memory. Afterwards, the students visited the calligraphy and painting exhibition, and listened attentively to the introduction of Chinese calligraphy given by volunteers. In the end, all students showed great appreciation to this trip, and are thankful to teachers’ organization and volunteers’ hard work.


This activity is organized by Department of Life Science & Technology, and assisted by volunteers from the Win-Win team from Light of Life organization, aiming to show the Chinese history to the first arrivals of international students, and better spread of Chinese culture. 








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