Prof.Wang Bing Guides HUST Int'l Students to "Discover China"
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On the evening of November.14th, all seats in C104 of D9 were occupied, where nearly 150 international students from different countries attended the lecture given by Prof. Wang Bing from the School of Public Administration with the theme as Chinese Political System and Governance System. Tilak, the director general of SLIDA and Zhao Xiaofeng, the vice dean of the School of International Education presented the lecture as well.


"The leaders in China has a tough and long way to go in their political career that starts from the fundamental social level, which is unimaginable for Trump.” Prof. Wang livened up the atmosphere with his humorous words. He covered a lot of topics with abundant facts and statistics, from China’s development in the past three decades to the challenge faced by the government currently, from the widely spread Made-in-China products to the comparison between China and USA in the governance system, from the core status of the ruling party to the socialism democracy and rule of law, which drew the intensive attention from the present audience.

In the interaction part, the international students forwarded a question one after another without exhaustion. ”Is there any other party in China?If there is any, what are they consisted of?” “What’s the financial resources of the ruling party?” “Where does the democracy lie in socialism?” Encountered with the flooded questions, Prof. Wand answered them and cleared the students’ doubts one by one patiently. “It’s my first time to attend a lecture on Chinese political and governance system and it’s amazing!” THITHIT ATCHATTABHAN commented, and he was a HUST alumni who just returned to the campus and attended the lecture specially.


"DISCOVER CHINA" is a HUST campus culture brand for international students initiated by the School of International Education. Established in the autumn of 2014,it aims at interpreting the contemporary China via lectures, Chinese talent show workshops, cultural sightseeing, international volunteer programs and short-term Chinese programs and it has been warmly welcomed by international students since establishment. In September of 2016, it was nominated as the HUST Campus Culture Brands Construction Program for the"13th Five-year Plan".


This program has actively responded to the spirit of the speech delivered by Xi Jinping, the general secretary of CPC on July 1st this year that covered Confidence in four areas, namely: confidence in our path, theory, system and culture.  





“中国的领导人需要漫长的基层从政历练。对于特朗普来说,这是不可想象的!”王冰教授的幽默风趣,立刻点燃了现场气氛。从中国三十年的发展成就到目前面临的执政挑战,Made in China遍布全球到中美政治制度对比,从执政党的核心地位到社会主义民主法治,王冰教授旁征博引,侃侃道来。


交流环节,留学生们争先恐后的提问。“中国有其他党派吗?他们由哪些人组成?”“执政党的经费从哪里来?”“社会主义民主体现在哪些方面?”王冰教授一一作答,解疑释惑。“第一次听到有关中国政治制度的讲座,真的很棒!”已经毕业的泰国校友THITHIT ATCHATTABHAN不久前返校,专程过来聆听讲座。










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