An Approach to International Classroom Series II : International Students took the Course Mechatronics Creative Decisions and Design
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(Reported by Novruz Gurbanov) A 3-day lecture entitled “Mechatronics Creative Decisions and Design” was held in West 5th Building from March 18th to 20th. International and Chinese students attended lectures given by esteemed Professor Thomas Kurfess from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Professor Ling Ling from School of Mechanical Science and Engineering gave an introduction to students about this newly set up course. She welcomed leading professor Thomas Kurfess from U.S. who later lectured about what students must know about creative thinking and held an interesting competition. In each of 3 days, the main topic of the lecture focused on different parts of creative designing. Professor Kurfess clearly explained about tools for problem understanding, conceptual design and for project planning & technical communication. He also showed students many examples of House of Quality, Concept Evaluation Matrixes, and Safety Consideration Guidelines that will help students extend their knowledge to design a mechatronic prototype and to fulfill customers' needs.

Professor Kurfess spoke about project planning, team work and managing your time which are important in your career. Professor Kurfess also noted that by prioritizing needs and job responsibilities, students can achieve their needed goals faster and more accurate. He also clarified that writing reports, documenting sources and using modern communication tools like internet are helpful in your job and important to improve your working skills.

Chinese and international students were absorbed and attentive in listening to interesting speeches of professor Kurfess. Students also started to prepare for the competition to show their skills, teamwork and knowledge with big enthusiasm in order to challenge with each group and show their projects. Students later raised questions about the course that were answered by distinguished professor and thanked him warmly after the lecture.

(Notes: Reporter: Novruz Gurbanov, Nationality: Turkmenistan, Current Bachelor degree student in School of Mechanical Science and Engineering; Translated by Yang Minghui, Nationality: China, Current Master degree student in School of Mechanical Science and Engineering)



(翻译 杨明辉) 318日至20日,机械学院本科生国际化课程《机电创新决策与设计》在西五教学楼进行。主讲人为乔治亚理工学院的著名教授Thomas Kurfess,我校国际学生和中国学生参加了课程学习。






国际学生和中国学生非常投入地倾听Kurfess教授带来的讲座,并带着极大的热情开始着手准备接下来的竞赛,在竞赛中充分展现自身的技能,团队精神和积累的知识,以便与每个小组进行挑战并展示他们完成的项目。在讲座的最后,学生们纷纷举手提问, Kurfess教授一一做出了详细的解答,学生们再次对Kurfess教授表达了感激之情。

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