An Approach to Int’l Classroom Series Ⅲ: Introductions of China, an Enriched and Colorful Chinese Culture Course
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An enriched and colorful Chinese culture course: Introductions of China, came to an end successfully in the 8th week this semester. 1st year International undergraduate students from Telecommunications、Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation 、International Economics and Trade attended the course. This course was taught by Ms Qi Xiaoyan, lecturer from School of Humanities.

During the 8-week course, Ms Qi introduced Chinese culture for international students from very comprehensive aspects: Chinese National Anthem, Chinese National Emblem and Chinese totems, unique characteristics in each province, local food around China, three national quintessence of Chinese culture - traditional Chinese medicine, Peking Opera, and Chinese paintings, and history overview from Qin dynasty to the present time, etc. In the meantime, Ms Qi also guided students to the HuBei Provincial Museum to gain deeper insights into the historical culture and development of HuBei province. Besides, Ms Qi also instructed students how to make Peking Opera facial masks and learn Chinese calligraphy to experience beauty in Chinese traditional art.

Ms Qi integrated her own understanding and perspectives into the course contents. She combined the teacher-led method with the student free discussion together to assure students’ better understanding into Chinese culture. From tasty food to marvelous Chinese civilization, from solemnly march of the volunteers to DIY for fun, all these interesting teaching contents greatly enhanced students’ passion for self-learning and further research. In the meantime, Ms Qi also organized students to watch several meaningful documentaries, such as a bite of China, BBC wild China, Chinese Zodiac, and Chinese memory, which are closely relevant to the enriched Chinese culture, and also demonstrated profound Chinese cultures vividly in a comprehensive perspective.

International students participated actively in all of Ms Qi’s classes and gradually gained more culture understanding of this alien country. The most interesting part for students during this course was to complete DIY facial masks and paint colorful art works, from which they created their own masterpieces in a free and imaginative environment. Someone tried to paint by piecing colors together, someone copied original Peking Opera, and someone tried painting beautiful butterflies. In the end of the painting class, students were all amazed at their own works and could not help taking photos for keeping memories.

All the students were longing for more knowledge after each section of the course, and Ms Qi was always surrounded by attentive students who kept raising questions. Ms Qi was delighted to see and tried her best to provide answers as much as possible. After the final section of this course, students all gathered around Ms Qi and expressed their gratitude to her.

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