An Approach to International Classroom Series I : International Students Attended Lecture in School of Economics
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(Reported by Marta Piotrowska) A lecture titled “Global economic tectonic shifts implications for China” was held in School of Economics on March 20th.  Chinese and international students were honored to attend presentation by prominent Professor Andrew Farlow from University of Oxford, Oxford Martin School.

The meeting begun with short speech delivered by vice Dean of School of Economics Professor Ouyang Hongbin. He welcomed the lecturer from England who spoke about historic and current economic issues happening both in global and local economies. The main topic of the lecture focused on impact of 2008 financial crisis and its impact on international trade. Professor Farlow clearly explained why global market quickly recovered after the crush but why, on the contrary the growth in trade slowed afterwards. He also mentioned topics of trade balance, trade protectionism, government debt, global investment.

The lecturer spoke about China’s economy and its importance in global market as well. Professor Farlow noted the structural shift of this economy that goes away from export to domestic trade and shifts into services. He also explicited that China doubles its GDP much faster than other biggest world’s economies and why government debt grows.

By the end of the meeting international students raised the questions that were answered by distinguished professor. Students appreciated the teacher’s interesting speech and thanked him warmly after the lecture.


(Notes: Reporter: MARTA PIOTROWSKANationality: Poland, Current Master degree student in School of Economics; Photographer: BENEDICTE MARINA CHEN, Nationality:  Cote d'Ivoire, Current Bachelor degree student in School of Economics)


(翻译:张甜)  320日,经济学院举办了主题为《国际经济的结构型变化及其对中国的启示》的讲座,主讲人为牛津大学马丁学院的著名教授Andrew Farlow。我校中国学生和留学生参加了此次讲座。




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