HUST Alumni Lectured on IT New Times for Intl’ Students
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On the evening of June 16th, a fascinating IT lecture was held in HUST and the speaker was Mr. Eric Wang, a HUST alumni. He is a famous senior expert in the field of networking technology in Hubei Province, with over 15 years’ experiences in teaching and projects. Titled with double honors of CCIE(CCIE Routing&Switching, CCIE Security), he is also the chief teacher of ZD-Lab.


After a brief introduction to China’s Modern Data Center Construction in the lecture, Eric Wang introduced the development of Modern Data Center Construction, by combing the big projects from all famous companies in IT field currently. Followed was an in-depth analysis of the importance of construction of data center and its key technology solutions in details.

Closely linked with the current climate in the IT industry, Eric Wang demonstrated his wise idea in the construction of data center. Afterwards he gave all the students a brainstorm in a humorous manner, covering incisive analysis, integrating principle in the familiar life stories to open a new perspective for the audience to understand IT field.

After the lecture, students put forward their own questions and ideas, and Eric Wang patiently answered them one by one in an enthusiastic and harmonious atmosphere.”This is the best IT lecture we ever attended and we learned a lot of new knowledge and new ideas.”Many students commented:”We hope Eric Wang could come back on the campus frequently to bring us more ‘brainstorm’."


It’s said this is the 7th lecture for international students and the previous 6 lectures mainly focused on Chinese traditional culture. As the first lecture covering the IT field, this lecture  invites the expert from enterprise and breaks the limitation of on campus scholars in certain fields. The lecture for international students is held once a month and  aims at opening a window for the international students on campus to better understand China under the guide of experts in areas of culture, economics and politics on and off campus.



 6月16日晚, 校友王玉斌老师应国际教育学院邀约,回母校主讲了一场别开生面的科教人文讲座。王玉斌老师是省网络通信领域著名的资深专家,有15年以上丰富的工程经验和教学经验,荣获双料CCIE(CCIE Routing&Switching, CCIE Security)称号,被湖北省教育厅聘为“十一五计划”网络工程教学岗位首位“楚天技能名师”,也是ZD-Lab首席讲师。







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