Interesting Activities Held in Chinese Classes in May
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                                                                          Entertaining Sports Meeting
On May.13th, the weather was fine and students from C1, C2 held an interesting sports meeting on the playground,which was consisted of five parts as kicking shuttlecock, skipping ropes, guessing words, running with balloons and tongue twister.

Kicking Shuttlecock
In the beginning of the competition, Shomil Qandov and Muhammad Afzal from Tajikistan shocked everyone at present by his fast and flexible way of kicking shuttlecock and they finally won by 75 kicks and 65 kicks within one minute respectively. Though the game is typically Chinese, the internationals still could play well. 


Skipping Ropes
 Luis Antonio Cristofini Rodriguez from Venezuela, Yaser from Yemen and Savira Mega from Indonesia led their team to win the game by fast and smart movements. 


Guessing Words
In this game, one person draws a picture surrounding one word and anther person guesses what the word is. Although all the words were in Chinese, it didn’t hinder the students from guessing it right. The interesting pictures made everyone at scene laugh and finally, Lunkamba Ilunkamba Nehemie from Democratic Republic of the Congo and Dorota Stanislawa Wandzel from Poland won the first prize.                 

Running with Balloons
In this part, two students have to run with the balloon between their legs and the one with fast speed wins. In the end, Anastasiia Bondar from Ukraine and Dorota Stanislawa Wandzel from Poland won the game. 


Tongue Twister
Though as the most difficult part in the game, tongue twister did not scare the students away.Ratchadporn Peerakhamlai from Thailand won the first prize by their nice pronunciation and fast speed.

In closing, Ms.Hou Yali from C1 and Ms. Wang Tingting awarded the winners.Anastasiia Bondar from Ukraine remarked:”This sports meeting is very interesting from which we not only relax ourselves, but also experience the Chinese sports.Thanks all the teachers for organizing this and we all like it.”.


                                                                        Chinese Traditional Kongfu Experience
On May.17th, students from B3 experienced Chinese Kongfu on the playground in the east campus. 



As teachers for this experience class, He Zili and Yangchen impressed the students deeply by their wonderful Kongfu show and the students could not wait to learn from the masters. Then under the guide from He and Chen, the students picked up some simple movements, in which their interest in the martial art had been intensified in the practice. 


Fransiska Seriati from Indonesia and Murillo Marshal from Philippe remarked;”This activity is very interesting and we all love it!” To express their gratitude towards the teachers, Sumiya Sumiya Altanbayar and Delgermaa Sainbayar from Mongolia sang a Mongolian song for them and in the end, every one took a group photo together.The Chinese has grasped a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional Kongfu through this activity. 






















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