Discover China Lecture Led Intl’s into the Beauty of Chinese Traditional Costumes
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On May 26, the 6th”Discover China” Lecture for HUST International Students was delivered in D107 of D9 Building. Approximately dozens of international students from all over the world attended the lecture themed as The Beauty of Chinese Traditional Costumes.


The lecturer Zhou Rong from School of Humanities in HUST, the former President of Yu Shan Chinese Traditional Culture Club, had organized a series of lectures and activities to promote the Chinese traditional culture, which were highly praised by teachers and students on campus. The lecture started with the introduction of four kinds of Chinese style Costumes, including Han Costumes, Tang Suit, Chinese Tunic Suit and Cheongsam that the students were mostly familiar with about Chinese costumes. After demonstrating their styles and design, Zhou invoked a question to all the audience, “Do you know what the Statue of Confucius in front of D9 Building is wearing?” With their interest greatly increased, the International Students were surprised to know the answer was Han Costume. Closely followed is the delicate introduction of Han Costumes, the representative of Chinese traditional costumes in Zhou’s opinion. Plenty of vivid pictures from ancient to modern times together with four or five real suits of Han Costumes inserted a clearer idea into the mind of the audience, and then Zhou explained to them the historical reasons for Han Costumes’ evolution, how its styles changed along dynasties, and the typical embroidery of Han Costumes. As a result, the international students were completely overwhelmed by the charm of Chinese Traditional Costumes. Zhou also conducted some discussions that deepened the topic and drove the audience into further thinking like What are the differences among Han Costume, kimono and hanbok? How could traditional costumes survive and develop in modern society?


In closing, there was interaction part set as Trying on Han Costumes. Some international students tried on the Han Costumes and experienced closely about the ancient Chinese lifestyle. The 90-minute lecture flew quickly and some international students even said they would like to explore more about the topic.


“Before this lecture I just knew that cheongsam was beautiful, but today I’m so glad to know that China created so many elegant traditional costumes. I hope that the classic designs and embroideries can survive and even develop in modern times by adding some fashionable elements to attract the young, which is challenging but really meaningful.” said Nafosatkhon Tojiboeva from Uzbekistan. “Why don’t Chinese wear the traditional costumes in some meaningful or formal occasions since you do have such great creations? I believe it will be a good idea to pass it to the tradition through generations,” suggested by Salman Ali Shah from Pakistan.


It is reported that Discover China Lectures for HUST International Students is sponsored and organized by the School of International Education. It aims at opening a window of China to international students at HUST, and it is organized every month. Experts and specialists are invited to deliver lectures regarding many aspects of China.














以前我只知道中国的旗袍很美丽,这次讲座让我知道了原来中国有这么多精美的传统服装,我希望现代的中国人将这些经典的款式和图案留存和发扬,甚至增添一些时尚元素使它更容易被现代人接受,这是一件挑战而有意义的事情。”来自乌兹别克斯坦的Navosatkhon Tojiboeva感叹道。“中国有如此美丽的服饰,何不在一些重要的、特别的场合穿着呢?这也是保存传承传统的好办法呢。”来自巴基斯坦的Salman Ali Shah建议。




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