Language Students Enjoyed Chinese Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy
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On May 14th and 15th, Chinese language students from A1,A2,B1,B4 and D embarked a journey to classic Chinese traditional culture,which is to admire tea ceremony and experience calligraphy.

In the smoothing and flowing music played by the traditional Chinese instrument in the background, Liu Chenyu, the master of tea ceremony dressed in Cheongsam, started the show by introducing the members of tea set family and then exhibited how to brew tea in a slow and elegant way. To ensure a full understanding of the tea culture, a teacher was reading the lines of procedures for making tea in English and in addition, every student was given material about tea culture in bilingual in advance, After the ceremony, Ms.Liu guided the students how to tell and recognize different types of tea and taught the students to conduct the tea ceremony by hand. Ben Abraham Mema Diaby learnt very quickly and seemed to digest the essence for making tea: “I think making tea is an art and drinking tea makes me peaceful. I feel myself understand the lifestyle of ancient Chinese across the time.”

Followed is the calligraphy class in the open air where some works of Sun Tao were exhibited, who later explained the evolution of characters and layout of calligraphy works. Endeavored in Chinese culture promotion among international students, Mr.Sun is an outstanding calligrapher in Hubei Province with many titles, such as the member of Hubei Calligraphy Association,Standing director of Painting and Calligraphy Institute in Hubei United Front Work Department and so on. After inquiring the nationality of each student, he wrote characters related to theirs culture and then taught the students to write on the same works with writing brush. Holing the calligraphy as a gift combined with Chinese and their own culture, the students all wore satisfying smile.


It’s said that Chinese culture activities are held twice every month for Chinese language students that include cutting papers, making Chinese knots, practicing Kongfu, making dumplings and so on, which serve as colorful channels for the Chinese language learners to grasp a deeper understanding towards Chinese traditional culture and it’s an important part for the students in their routine study.



                                                                            品茶挥墨 感受古典








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