2018 HUST International Day
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On December 1st, 2018 HUST International Day was held on the square of HUST main entrance. The Secretary of Party Committee of HUST, Professor Shao Xinyu, Vice President, Professor Chen Jianguo, Director of the Confucius Institute at Wayne State University, United States, Dr. JOHN BRENDER, as well as representatives from different administrative offices and departments attended the opening ceremony. Chinese and International faculties and students and people from all walks of life participated in this event.

Professor Chen Jianguo hosted the opening ceremony. Professor Shao Xinyu and Dr. JOHN BRENDER delivered speeches respectively. As student representatives, Ukrainian student OLEKSANDR SHEVCHUK and Chinese student Wang Yujing shared their experiences with the theme of "International Communication" visioning their bright future.

At the opening ceremony, international students demonstrated talent shows for Chinese and international audiences. The dances of Indonesia, Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Iraq and South Korea combined traditional culture with modern elements to present a diverse Asian culture. Vietnamese dances and Dominican solo singing attracted the audience with music and enthusiasm. The fashion show of traditional costumes from 12 countries greatly fascinated the audiences with exotic culture.

At the International Cultural Exhibition, students from 45 countries presented their unique cultures and customs to Chinese and international audiences by exquisite cuisine, traditional costumes, crafts display, as well as singing and dancing interactions. Everyone can enjoy a "Global Tour" while remain home! All the audiences were fascinated by the fun of cultural exchanges. “A feast of culture! I love this wonderful day!” KAREM MILAGROS BENIQUE CHACON from Peru posted in her WeChat moments.

The successful organization of 2018 HUST International Day fully demonstrated the comprehensive quality of all-round development and enthusiastic spirit of Chinese and international students. It has enhanced the international atmosphere of the university and promoted cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. The event was sponsored by the International Exchange Center, organized by School of International Education and School of Foreign Languages, and co-organized by the Office of Publicity of HUST, Art Education Center, Youth League Committee of HUST, Security Office, the Library and the Logistics Group. Student International Communication Association (SICA),Tai Chi Association, Painting and Calligraphy Association and other student associations assisted in the organization and exhibition of this event.

12月1日, 2018年华中科技大学国际交流日在学校南大门广场隆重举行。校党委书记邵新宇、副校长陈建国、美国韦恩州立大学孔子学院院长JOHN BRENDER及各职能部门、院系负责人等出席了开幕式,中外师生、社会各界参加了此次活动。

副校长陈建国主持开幕式,党委书记邵新宇、JOHN BRENDER先后致辞。乌克兰学生OLEKSANDR SHEVCHUK(中文名:楚克)和中国学生王雨静作为学生代表以“国际交流”为主题分享心得体验,畅想美好前景。


万国文化展上,45个国家的学生通过美食烹饪、服饰试穿、工艺品展示和歌舞互动,向中外观众展示独特的人文风情。足不出户,就来一场说走就走的“环球之旅”!中外观众陶醉于文化交流的乐趣,纷纷大呼过瘾。“一场文化的盛宴!我爱这美好的一天!”来自秘鲁的KAREM MILAGROS BENIQUE CHACON(中文名:孔琳)在她的微信朋友圈写到。


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