Opening Ceremony for 2018 Foreign-aid Degree Program Held
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Prof. Chen Jianguo

In September, the campus of Huazhong University of Science and Technology is full of brisk air and osmanthus aroma. On Sept. 29, the opening ceremony for the 2018 Foreign-aid Diplomas and Degree Education Program of the Ministry of Commerce was held in the lecture hall of International Exchange Center. 62 international freshmen from 26 countries around the world gathered together to start a new chapter in their lives.

Mr. Ha Yu, Director of Program Bidding Division, Training Center of the Ministry of Commerce, P. R. China, Prof. Chen Jianguo, vice president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Liu Junhua, dean of Shool of International Education and faculty representatives of School of Electronic Information and Communications, School of Management, School of Public Administration and Institute of Educational Sciences attended the opening ceremony.

Ms. Zhao Xiaofeng

Ms. Zhao Xiaofeng, deputy dean of the School of International Education, hosted the opening ceremony. The freshmen were dressed in suits and entered the hall in an orderly manner. Vice President Chen Jianguo delivered a warm welcome speech,introduced the educational resources of HUST and the goal of international education. He also raised new requirements and hopes for new students of the Education and Degree program of Ministry of Commerce, mentioned that “As a winner of MOFCOM Scholarship, you have shouldered more responsibilities and missions. I hope that you could participate in culture experience activities beyond study, learn more about China and become the friendly messengers between China and your motherlands to promote economic and trade cooperation between China and other countries around the world”.

Mr. Ha Yu

On behalf of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Ha Yu, the Program Bidding Division of Ministry of Commerce's training Center extended a warm welcome to the new students, and also expressed heartfelt thanks to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, which has undertaken Foreign-aid Diplomas and Degree Education Program. In his speech, Ha Yu mentioned that in recent years the Chinese Government has increased its efforts in foreign exchanges and cooperation in the field of human resources development, and has successively invited more than 260000 officials and technicians from more than 170 countriesand regions to study and exchange in China. The ways of cooperation are becoming more diverse. He thanked Huazhong University of Science and Technology for the meticulous design of the teaching curriculum for the project, the provision of excellent teachers and the preparation of comfortable teaching conditions. Ha Yu hopes that the new students will gain knowledge,share experiences and make more good friends in Central China; better serve the social development of their country and the improvement of the people's living standards after their graduation; and at the same time, share what they have learned in China with their families, colleagues and friends so that more people will understand China.


Prof. Xia Tian

Prof. Xia Tian, deputy dean of the School of Electronic Information and Communications, delivered a speech on behalf of the main undertaken college of this foreign-aid degree program. First of all, he introduced the teaching and research situation of the School of Electronic Information and Communication, as well as the curriculum and teaching objectives of the special classes for foreign aid degree programs.Then he gave some valuable advice to students by sharing his own experience of learning and living abroad in a witty manner.

RUNDIAL THOMAS GATKUOTH NYAK (South Sudan), one of the 2017 grade of the Ministry's Foreign Aid Degree Program, shared his one-year learning experience in HUST with the new students. He said “HUST is not only an elite university, but also a big family. No matter where we come from, we are members of the HUST family. Not only can we acquire knowledge here, but also learn how to think. The courses offered by the college are interesting and practical. Besides the academic courses, we also participate in the course about Chinese culture experience”. He expressed his welcome to the new students. At the same time, he also mentioned that most students who just arrived at HUST would be upset in the face of the new environment, but teachers and students will help each other. We will make progress together and achieve success together. Studying in HUST is the process of transformation of your life!

OLIVE JORDANE TRAZIE TIESSE BI (Cote d'Ivoire), a 2018-class freshman of the Foreign Aid Academic Degree program, gave a speech as a freshman representative. Heused to study Chinese language and major courses in HUST. For him who can speak fluent Chinese, HUST is the second home. He thanked the Chinese government and HUST for giving him such a precious opportunity to come back for further study.For the new students, he mentioned that HUST is well known for a fine tradition of scholarship, only hard work can achieve good results.

“Today, you are proud of HUST, and tomorrow HUST isproud of you!” The opening ceremony was successfully ended in the warm applause of international students.

Huazhong University of Science and Technology is an important receiving and undertaking university for the Foreign Aid Training program of the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC. The organization of the Foreign Aid Degree program has witnessed the continuous improvement of the international standard and reputation of HUST and injected new vitality into the international development of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.




哈雨代表中国商务部向新学员表示热烈的欢迎,同时向承办援外学历学位项目的华中科技大学表示衷心的感谢。哈雨在致辞中提到中国政府近年来加大了在人力资源开发领域对外交流与合作的力度,先后邀请了170多个国家和地区的26万多名官员和技术人员来华学习和交流,合作方式日益多样化。他感谢华中科技大学为该项目精心设计了教学课程,配备了优秀的师资力量,筹备了舒适的教学条件。哈雨希望新学员能够在华中大收获知识,分享经验,结识更多的好朋友;更好地为自己国家的社会发展和人民生活的改善服务; 同时,把在中国的所学所悟与家人、同事和朋友分享,让更多的人了解中国。


2017级商务部援外学历学位项目学生,在校生RUNDIALTHOMAS GATKUOTH NYAK(南苏丹),为新同学们讲授了自己这一年来的学习感受,“华中大不仅是一所知名学府,更是一个大家庭。无论我们来自哪里,我们都是这个大家庭的一员。在这里,我们不仅学到知识,更重要的学会如何思考。学院为我们开设的课程有趣实用。除了专业知识,我们还参加了中国文化体验课程。”他表达了对新同学的欢迎,也表示大家刚刚到校,面对新环境会不安,但我们是一个整体,老师、同学们会互相帮助,大家共同进步,共同成功,在华中大的学习就是人生蜕变的过程!

2018级商务部援外学历学位项目新生,来自科特迪瓦的OLIVE JORDANE TRAZIE TIESSE BI 作为新生代表发言。他曾经在华中科技大学学习汉语和专业,对于讲着一口流利中文的他来说,华中大就是第二个家。他感谢中国政府,华中大给他这个宝贵的机会重新回来深造,对于新同学,他提到华中大是治学严谨的地方,只有勤奋努力才可能取得好成绩。



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