Nobel Prize winner Prof. Samuel Ting visited HUST
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Prof. Samuel Ting visiting Huagong Tech

Prof.Ting visiting WNLO


The Nobel Prize winner Prof. Samuel Ting, a world-wide renowned physics, was invited to visit HUST on Jun. 27th. During his stay in Wuhan, Prof Ting paid a visit to Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics (WNLO) and Huagong Tech Co., Ltd., and he had a meeting with HUST Vice Presidents Luo Qingming and Luo Jun. 

Accompanied by Prof. Luo Qingming and the Assistant President Lin Lin, Prof. Ting visited the Laboratory Exhibition Hall, the Key Laboratory of Biomedical Photonics of Ministry of Education and so on. Prof. Luo briefed Prof. Ting on the development circumstances of WNLO, and he detailedly introduced the latest development of 3-D atlas of mouse brain. Then Prof. Ting asked about technical indexes of each research achievement.


Besides, Prof. Ting visited Huagong Tech Co., Ltd. previously. And he talked cordially with Chairman Ma Xinqiang of Huagong Tech and its Chief Scientist Wang Zhaozhong and other technical backbones. Prof. Ting pointed out that when conducting an innovative research, a company should insist on its direction, and should not fear difficulties, then it could achieve the final success. He also encouraged Huagong Tech to "Center on One Thing" so as to make greater improvement in its professional field. 


Prof. Samuel Ting is a renowned physicist. Since 1964, he has successively served as a professor in Columbia University and MIT. He is now researching at CENR and NASA on the origin of the universe with the major research direction of High-energy Experimental Particle Physics. Because of his outstanding contribution to physics, Prof. Samuel Ting was awarded the Nobel Physics Award.

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