HUST International Students Admission Hit another High Record
Editor:Ma Zhen Date:November 16, 2012 Hits:

Fall semester this year a total of 632 international students from 95 countries have come to study in HUST. The scale of international students in our university has further expanded, and the structure has further optimized.

From the distribution of five continents, it becomes more balanced. The number of international students in Asiaincreased steadily, accounting for 55% of the total new international students. In Europe andAmerica, the number also grew constantly, which accounting for 17%.

From the distribution of country, many more countries have involved. Our university has admitted advanced students fromItaly, masters fromFrance, German,Greece,Poland,Australia, etc., and doctors fromSwitzerland,Britainfor the first time.

Judging from the student category, high level students have increased constantly. The scale of high level students, such as masters, doctors, visiting scholars, etc, has further expanded, with a number of 339 and a proportion of 54% in total new students.

Judging from the instruction language, English teaching students accounted for 67.4%. The setting up of full English teaching in relevant departments has played a very important role in attracting international students. For example, full English –medium undergraduate programs in Clinical faculty, Telecom department,MechanicalCollege,collegeofPharmacy, etc, have driven the increase of undergraduate students. In full English-medium program, undergraduate students in Clinical took the first place, masters and doctors in Management occupied the first place.

From the distribution of department, more and more departments have begun to cultivate international students. In some departments which have cultivated many more international students before, the number of international student’s enrollment kept growing steadily this year. Such as, Tongji Medical College, School of Management, Telecommunication Department, School of Economics, School of Public Administration, School of Life Science and Technology, Department of Chinese Language & Literature, School of Computer Science and Technology, etc. The number of international students in some other colleges also began to increase, such asSchoolofChemistryand Chemical Engineer,SchoolofJournalismand Information Communication,SchoolofForeign Language, Department of Philosophy, etc.

Judging from the students’ graduation college, more and more foreign famous universities students chose to study in our university, such as students from University of Toronto in Canada, University of Portsmouth, University of Chester, Coventry University in Britain, Technical University Munich in Germany, National University of Singapore, Lander University in Sweden, Politechnika Krakowska in Poland, Waseda University in Japan, Waseda University in Thailand, Ankara University in Turkey, University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.  

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