Code Scanning-Access (Trial Running) in campus for International Students
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1. 健康码的颜色(红、黄、绿)是根据Study Partner健康上报情况进行的大数据判断,请全体国际学生每天如实上报健康状况。

2. 身体异常、地理位置异常、健康上报中断等均会使健康码显示为黄码或红码。

3. 试运行期间,如健康码出现异常,请与所在院系辅导员或国际学生办公室联系。

4. 实行扫码通行的时间和场所,国际学生办公室将根据试运行情况正式通知。



Notice Regarding the Code Scanning-Access (Trial Running) in campus for International Students

To all International Students,

In order to further strengthen the management of epidemic situation and improve the work efficiency, ISO-SIE has developed health code management system for HUST international students. Now the relevant matters are notified as follows:

International Students living on campus, scan the QR code with WECHAT at access of Apartments, register with individual passport number, and select “ENTRY” or “LEAVE”.

During the trial running stage, international students still need to register with passport at the places like canteen, supermarket, etc.


(1) The color of Health Code (Green, Yellow or Red) is based on the big data analysis of health reporting of STUDY PARTNER APP. All international students are requested to report their health status truthfully every day in the APP.

(2) The abnormality of geographical location, health status, or the suspension of daily health report, will cause the color of Health Code display yellow or red.

(3) During the trial running stage, if the Health Code is abnormal, please contact your school counsellor or ISO.

(4) The official notice with the time and places for code scanning – access will be announced soon by ISO, which depends on the effect of the trial running.

International Student Office

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