Notice from Hubei novel coronavirus infection prevention and control command
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1. 在鄂外籍、港澳台人员可使用“鄂汇办”移动端申领湖北健康码。











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In order to further strengthen the precision of epidemic prevention, facilitate the resumption of work and production, and embody the spirit of "equal treatment" for people outside Hubei province, the relevant matters and procedures of applying for Hubei health code for foreign nationals and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan personnel in Hubei province are hereby notified as follows:

I. Requirements of application

1. The mobile terminal APP “鄂汇办” can be used for applying Hubei health code for foreign nationals in Hubei province, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan personnel

2. Foreign nationals can apply for the Hubei health code after registered in Hubei provincial public security organ; Personnel from Hong Kong and Macao use the travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents, Taiwan personnel use the travel permit for Taiwan residents to and from the mainland to register and apply for the Hubei health code.

II. Application Procedure

1. Search and download the APP “鄂汇办(EHuiBan)” on mobile phone, and click to enter the page of"Application of Hubei Health Code for Foreigners, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Personnel".

2. Fill in the relevant information truthfully.

3. The application can be completed after submission. Generally within 24 hours, it can be used if clicking"My Health Code”.

III. Check and Pass

1. In accordance with the principle of “Pass by green code", the inspectors use the APP 鄂汇办(E Hui Ban) to identify the health information of the code holder and report the abnormal temperature in time. Holder of the code can take the initiative to scan the Alipay location code and complete the entry and exit registration.

2. Overseas personnel can use the national health information code for epidemic prevention as the health certificate for entering Hubei province.

3. Overseas personnel should apply for Hubei health code actively and obey local management.

4. Consulting Telephone: 027-87122256

Hubei Provincial Prevention and Control Headquarters of COVID-19

April 25, 2020

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