Harris: HUST Shaped my Career as a Self-Employed Entrepreneur
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学号Student ID:I201122146

姓名Name:Jules Harris DANARSON


入学年月Enrollment Y/M:2008/09

毕业年份Graduation Y/M:2015/06

学习专业Enrolled Major:Administrative Management

所在院系Registered School:College of Public Administration

指导教师Supervisor(s):Prof.Wang Bing/Prof. Xu Xiaolin

所获学位Degree(s) Awarded:Master’s/Ph.D



Attending Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)in Wuhan, China, has tremendously changed my life. Living and studying at HUST has not only broadened my intellectual horizons but also has truly shaped my future career. In fact, the experience HUST has offered me, along with countless other students and scholars, can be a source of inspiration for other people to change their lives as well.

 In my room, Friendship Apartment, HUST dormitory, 2013


HUST has brought me one step closer to the person I have always wanted to be: a self-employed entrepreneur focused on community development; that is, strengthening the capacity of people by helping them with their work and projects within certain organizations, networks, institutions and agencies to shape and determine change in their communities. Since 2012, one year after obtaining a Master’s degree in Administrative Management from HUST’s College of Public Administration, I have worked as a freelance Administrative Consultant helping different people of public and private sectors. Besides, while doing research for my Ph.D. in Administrative Management from HUST, I began the process of setting up a language, communication and consulting service organization, called ‘Global Polyglots Net.’ (GPN), officially known as ‘GPN Education Consulting (Wuhan) Co. Ltd.’ Based in Wuhan, Hubei, P.R. China, and accessed at www.gpn.services, GPN specializes in editing, translation, interpreting, language training and writing assistance; it also excels in education and enterprise management consulting services. These ambitions and endeavors have come to fruition thanks largely in part to the education and knowledge I have received from HUST.

Representing HUST international students at CSC Ph. D. Students Seminar, 2014


In reality, the benefits of earningan education at HUST have not been limited to acquiring knowledge and expertise from some learned professors and rigorous research works, but have also extended outside the classroom to developing relationships with fellow students and colleagues of different backgrounds. The people I have met at HUST come from different countries, ethnic origins, socio-economic backgrounds, fields of studies, and institutions, but many of them have come to HUST for the same reasons as I have: to hone my skills and enhance my future career in order to contribute to the development of my country and the well-being of the global community.

At my Ph.D. graduation ceremony, 2015


To me, being an alumnus of HUST is a chance to serve as a spokesperson of HUST to those who want and plan to pursue their higher education in China. It is an honor and a privilege to have such a communication role as HUST is classified among the top ten educational institutions in China and even one of the biggest and most widely recognized universities in the world. I hope to use this privilege as a ‘spokesperson’ of the outstanding institution to open the door for others who may wish to follow a similar path and experience the life-changing opportunities provided by HUST.

 At GPN (Global Polyglots Net.), with my colleagues, 2016
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