My Precious Life at HUST Doesn't Fade!!
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学号Student ID: I201322160


国籍Nationality: THAI

入学年月Enrollment Y/M: 2013/09

毕业年份Graduation Y/M: 2016/06

学习专业 Enrolled Major: Business Administration

所在院系Registered School: School of Management

指导教师 Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yang Zhi

所获学位Degree Awarded: Ph.D.

Life is a series of new beginnings. We are always proceeding through life focused on one goal. When we were little, it was to put anything and everything that we could possibly find into our mouths. Later, we managed to put one wobbly leg in front of the other. When we were experts at that and getting into all sorts of trouble, we moved on to kindergarten. That is when it all began our long journey that would lead us to today.

I am Nishchapat Nittapaipapon, a Thai Master and Ph.D. graduated in Business Administration from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Regarding my role model is my father and I was inspired by his actions. He has envisioned that China has a staunch advocate of the education policy and reinforces the opportunity for the good improvement of human resource especially in economic, science, and technology together with enhancing the quality of society. Hence, if there is a chance for coming to China, I should unlock the opportunity for doing my study in China.

To complete my goals, then I chose Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) according to HUST constantly strived to advocate the education for Chinese student and stepped forward to be the leading of internationalization and global education improvement. Additionally, HUST has continued growth over the 6 decades, and become the most rapid development among China universities which has been hailed as “The epitome of the development of China’s higher education”. After achieving the Chinese Government Scholarship, I have aimed to study to achieve the goals and to be able to take the opportunity to be a student in China learning the different culture simultaneously that would be a precious experience besides the class. I deeply perceived that China emphasized to educate Chinese and international students not merely the principal of technical knowledge, but also aspires many other implements in life delivering through the culture of practical.

During my time in HUST, as being a graduate student of HUST, I am so proud to be HUSTer. According to I have seen a lot of the proficient prototype of the rapid improvement of international education, the advancement of HUST, and the enlargement of Wuhan, the city where HUST located. HUST has provided a dedicated contributing of the education and steadily growing of the situating learning experiences outside the classroom. Meanwhile, I persistently have got the opportunities to assist and synergy with the International Student Office and Thai student in Wuhan. Likewise, many of cooperation and activities were arisen and led being my worthy of experience.

With regard to the aforementioned, I would like to highlight that it is hard to be explained all my memories at HUST within this article. In essence, all those arisen would be my great chance having higher education, new friends, invaluable experiences, and so forth. Then I would share some inspired occasion those I was really touching.

In 2011, “The 7th Luojia Autumn International Cultural Festival 2011” was organized which it was the first time for me to participate and assist the Thai student coordinator for the Thai student assembling. We desired to encourage and relieve the pain of flood crisis in Thailand at that time, thus we have designed the activities leading Chinese and foreigners to be participated in especially painting and writing the encouraged messages in Thai words by their handwriting. All of the messages and donations will be delivered and gathered to Thailand through the Royal Thai Embassy in Beijing. Regarding this essential occasion, on behalf of Thai people, we have perceived the sense of kindheartedness from Chinese people and foreign students in Wuhan.

Afterward, I'm really grateful to International Student Office for the great occasions which rose me the opportunity to collaborate with many sectors for instance HUST, International Student Office, V-Fun Team, SICA, including Chinese and international students. As the aforementioned “HUST Connecting the World” project was produced to be publicized conveying a message from Huazhong University of Science and Technology to the International Views. It has become a window to worldwide which it was the potential media of representing how international HUST is. In building the structures for creativity and innovation, I've thought that the encouragement of brainstorming ideas is a significant the keystone.

Regarding the utmost sincerity, I am most grateful to HUST and International Student Office for the overwhelming display of support. According to the last 2013, HUST and International Student Office have strengthened the very worth occasion which reciprocated to co-organize the Thai student meeting and assembling for granted the opportunity to welcome Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn at Shangri-La Hotel Wuhan. Toward coordination with Thai student, I have obtained the pleasant opportunity to coordinate with the Royal Thai Embassy, Beijing and the representative of Wuhan University to arrange the first Mobile Consular in Wuhan 2014. Subsequently, I have again coordinated to co-organize the Mobile Consular in Wuhan 2016 which in recent times it has been organized at HUST. The Mobile Consular was achieved with stably supported by HUST. Hence, this dignity is being worthy of honor and respect to HUST and International Student Office.

Additionally, I would like to extend gratitude and appreciation to all the great opportunities. Since I was a student at HUST, I was a representative of HUST international student for the meetings and conferences. With respect to China Scholarship Council (CSC) and Huazhong University of Science and Technology, it deemed to best exemplify efforts to mention one of the special occasion that recently arranged in June 2016. I was greatly honored to be one of the delegations. I am also immensely appreciative for their support and encourage my invaluable experiences in China to this occasion, the “China Perception: 100 International Doctors Explore the Optics Valley” that was organized to contribute additional comprehension of the Optics Valley in Wuhan and China by intimately interacting. Simultaneously, it had been a key factor to mobilize of the worth human resource. Moreover, this activity was conducted to promote exploring of learning and designed to lead the international Ph.D. scholarship students for a better understanding both of public sector and business sector. As the aforementioned, I, as the international scholarship student of HUST, I deeply perceived that CSC and HUST emphasized and paid the high attention to encourage the international students to gain knowledge and good experience concurrently.

However, words cannot properly express the emotions I would like to convey. It was truly an overwhelming and magnificent experience. I would express my heartfelt thankfulness to Professor Dr. Zhou Erhua, my Master supervisor and Associate Professor Dr. Yang Zhi, the Associate Dean of School of Management, my Ph.D. supervisor for their enlightening guidance, continual encouragement and inspiring instruction which are not merely my study and research. I would not have achieved this far, and would not have been completed without all the support that I have always received from them. I am truly grateful to the important supporter delegations, Mr. Yu Hailin and Ms. Zhao Xiaofeng, the Dean and Vice Dean of School of International Education, Mr. Lan Hanghang, Mr. Ren Yu, Mr. Yin Xinlin (Jerry), Mr. Ai Xiao, and all the officers of International Student Office for their tremendous support, and granting the precious experiences during my life at HUST. Therefore again, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to China Scholarship Council (CSC) for the strongly growing of providing high education to the international student.

To uncover potential linkage, the collaboration among the human resource would emerge bridging the gap of cross culture from learning and exchanging experience. Thus, ultimately, I would like to convey my sincere gratitude and thanks to my country mates who is graduated and studying at HUST main campus, the Thai MBBS students at HUST Tongji Medical College, and also Thai students from other universities, including Chinese and international friends for their help and giving me the opportunities of cooperation and collaboration. All the continuous acts of kindness and generosity will forever be etched in my heart.

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