Speeches by Student Representatives in the 2016 HUST Opening Ceremony for Int'l Students
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                                                                       SEYEDALI REZVANI


Hello everyone,


First of all I want to welcome all the new students to Huazhong University of Science and Technology, also a warm welcome back to all the current students of HUST.


My name is Ali Rezvani and I am from IRAN, my area of interest and field of work is Optics and precision measurement. It is my great pleasure and honor to stand here today as a PhD candidate who has spent almost 5 years in HUST, and talk about my experience here.


I started my studies as a master student back in Feb 2012, as a self-support student in HUST. It was then that I found myself facing many challenges: Challenge of becoming a good enough scientist in my field who has something to say…


To make the best of my choice of coming here…and most important of all to seize the opportunity that has been given to me to make my own future as least of all!


As a physicist, I’ve been trained my whole academic life to find everything that can possibly go wrong with a system, and to be honest living in another country, specially a country as mystical and colorful as China looked like a very complicated system to solve, but meeting amazing professors and teachers and a vast variety of wonderful people such as yourselves, from all over the globe taught me that harmony can be easily found here.


We are in a country that is based on cooperation and collaboration and this creates a unique opportunity for whoever looking for a steady growth.


When I finished my master’s degree as a distinguished student here, I had many choices in front of me and was offered three scholarships from different Chinese universities beside HUST.


But today I can tell you with confidence that I feel, I made the right choice to start my PhD here in Huazhong University which is one of the best universities in China. HUST has provided all the right requirements that I needed for my studies.


I have seen that, it is not only equipment and machinery that defines the quality of a university and scientific work which is done in the institutes, but at the same time the most important factor is the people and their creativity that generates outstanding results.


I find myself lucky enough today to work alongside with scientists and researchers that have published numerous articles in well-known journals, and they do not hesitate to discuss my ideas on paper and do not hold off any support to make my ideas reality!


Without their active support and guidance I would have never been able to author articles in best journals of my major by today.


Since just a few days ago was teacher’s day I want to use this opportunity and thank all my teachers again…Happy teachers day…


I finish my speech with one last remark;


Looking at HUST and my life here, always reminds me of one thing, the spirit of harmony and coexistence!


Something that is dearly needed in the world that we are living in today!


I hope each of us can learn from our experiences here and create a world without violence, injustice and intolerance.


Once again welcome to HUST and I congratulate you all, in advance, on your forthcoming achievements in Huazhong University of science and technology. 


Thank you!  

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