Speeches by Student Representatives in the 2016 HUST Opening Ceremony for Int'l Students
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                                                  SUJEEWA VIJAYANTHI POLGAMPALA AREGAMALAGE

Honourable president of CSC , President ,Professors from Distinguished guests and ladies and gentlemen, newly recruited brothers & sisters. It is my great pleasure and honor to have this opportunity to speak on this auspicious occasion of welcoming new students for the new academic year  2016 to Huazhong University of Science & Technology. I extend my special welcome to new students and am delighted that you have chosen one of the China's best universities for your further education to prepare you for your career success. Today is a red letter day in my life to address you as a representative of the current students. Allow me to seize this opportunity to thank those who trusted me and assign me this task. I am Sujee , an executive officer to the Ministry of Education in  Sri Lanka and a PhD student under MOFCOM scholarship and belong to the Institute of Educational sciences.


First of all, I would like to congratulate each and every one of the incoming students here who worked extensively hard to win the privilege of studying at this top university renowned for its excellent international programs.


I have heard that 120 different countries are represented here. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from people of different cultures, backgrounds, religions and values.Having already spent some days in China, you may have become acquainted with some Chinese traditions,food and their culture.Respect any culture as everybody is important and widen your circle to different nations, to learn their unique cultures.


I do hope that your studies, your friendships and your interactions at this university will be instrumental in solving the many difficult problems you face in today’s world. The University has a vibrant campus life. Throughout the year, there are many events and activities that complement daily work in classrooms and laboratories and provide a welcome diversion. HUST encourages students to actively engage in university events as much as possible, for learning through aquirssion, networking purposes and personal development. As HUSTers, you will get to enjoy our excellent gym and sporting facilities, eat on campus from local restaurants, visit the library  or bank, and even use the ICT facilities for your learning needsI believe that we too have a lot to learn from augmented contact, exchange of experiences and broad cooperation. The services provided by ISO contribute to a student's success primarily by providing a welcoming, safe, secure and supportive living and learning environment. Specifically these services are in the areas of careers and entrepreneurship, health and wellness, counseling and campus activities like sports and cultural events or volunteer schemes. ISO staff is committed to your success, and every effort will be made to ensure that your experience is an enriching and rewarding one.


As we look to the future one thing is certain – knowledge will be a key resource. As the students in a premier university in the region, our challenge is to continue to educate and distinguish our work in fields where we will be valued, both for our specialized knowledge, and for our ability to research, communicate and solve problems.


I trust that all of you, like me, are ready for the fresh challenges and opportunities that, the new academic year will bring. I give an assurance that staff and overall systems will support you in achieving your goals. We will continue to work together and someday become leaders to give our strong voice at the University. You are fortunate to enjoy and are entitled to excellent services; provided by the university. Where there are shortcomings, feel free to express our constructive feedback.


Let me disclose some experienced I gained from HUST.


I come from a beautiful country south of China known as Sri Lanka,Coming to China has been such a wonderful experience for myself. I never expected to be welcomed so warmly into the community of HUST and the surrounding area. Not even a year into my program and such memorable experiences already I can barely count them all.


My passion for helping and working with others followed me here to China where I have volunteered within the International Student Office to aid other new students entering HUST. There is an organization known as SICA, Student International Communication Association that brings together the Chinese community and internationals to learn from each other and grow everlasting friendships. I have to say, the experiences within this organization has been mind-blowing and will always be with me. The friendships I have made here have been a strong hold to my ability to smoothly transition into such a rich culture.SICA has held several opportunities for internationals to interact with the community, other students, and to showcase our country’s talents. There is an event held every year called SICA night. This is when each country can come together and showcase something unique about themselves to the audience. It can be anything from dance, singing, music, or even a cultural fashion display. I held two roles. The first was a cultural fashion show alongside other countries where I displayed my traditional clothing, for women of Sri Lanka is a sari on special cultural events and in the days of national importance, the traditional garments are worn with a great pride. The second was a Sri Lankan dance that I coordinated. And guess what?! We were placed as the Best of Show. What an honour!! And further I participated in volunteer camping, blood donations, voluntary teaching etc.


Life at HUST is significant, brings you everlasting memories and teaches new lessons day by day.I wish you all a very positive and productive academic year ahead. Let us aim to finish the year as we are starting it with energy, vision, and a real sense of purpose and achievement.  Welcome and enjoy HUST and live your dreams.


At times, University life can be challenging. Effective time management and personal discipline will be a major key to your success here. It is vital to set some clear goals for the year and beyond. If you have planned your aims and targets, than you can discuss this with academic and administrative staff members, who will offer advice and support to help

you meet your targets. I urge you to move ahead with determination and confidence to achieve your goals. Try with all your heart to accomplish it.


The University cannot fully achieve its ambition for excellence without your contribution. In fact, former students are at the heart of the success. As   students, you will feel this drive and push at HUST in order to improve as an institution. I am very pleased with the commitment of former friends, and am hopeful that you all too, will add to the excellent work students have done in the past.

I wish you best of luck from the bottom of my heart for your success as a productive Hester.

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