China experience of an Uzbekistan student
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学号Student ID. No.: I201521138

姓名Name: Nafosat Tojiboyeva

国籍Nationality: Uzbekistan

入学年月Enrollment Y/M: 2015/09

学习专业 Enrolled Major: Enterprise Management

所在院系Registered School: School of Management

My name is Nafosat Tojiboyeva. I am 22 years old. And in this short article I’ll be start from my education background and work experience.  In 2003, I began my career in mass media, where I used to be journalist, and I used to work in different national TV programs. Except part-time jobs I used to participate in different competitions and events where I used to be winner in many both local and international venues. As I did participated in those events, I got lots of certificates and prizes for my participation in different venues. I have finished at Uzbek State Institute of Arts and Culture, my course was about Journalism. In 2011 because of my great enthusiasm in arts journalism I won a government scholarship to study at the Uzbekistan State Institute of Arts and Culture. When I was fascinated every time and always I had a burning desire to read original copies of them. In addition to this, I have ambition to continue my studies at overseas and I wish to learn new skills. I have got good skills and experiences to express my ideas and views about magnum opus and also luckily in one shiny day in the future. I’ll be translating famous Uzbek novels into Chinese and English language and make it available for a wider auditory of readers.

Today, eight months passed from the time when I first came to People's Republic of China and this period brought me great changes in my life. Even though I really miss my mother country Uzbekistan from the deep bottom of my heart, the good news that I can state with a happy smile on my face is that the place where I live and study which is Wuhan city, the capital of Hubei province, has already mesmerized me. During this short time, I was able to discover this enormously big city from various horizons for my cultural and personal development.

Being the central for its three directions which faces to Wuchan, Hanyan and HongKou, where millions of different people with different backgrounds and outlooks lives, I strongly believe that Wuhan is not only with its nature, but also with the warmth of its people, unique history, attractiveness and day by day developing city life can completely take away and amuse anyone who happens to be here like me.

And today, thoughts about these blessings made me to take a pencil and write about my life in PRC. At times, I count myself as the blessed and very happy person, feeling appreciation and happiness. In this life, a person decides his success and happiness by finding right job, loving family and true friend. If so, I am, indeed, the happiest person.

The core driver of my current happiness is being able to choose the right sphere of endeavor and having my favorite profession. The prayers and support of my parents and the ones who are close to the heart aimed at helping me morally and spiritually on the way of growing as a skilled professional and achieving highest targets. This is my family happiness.

Moreover, having smart, successful and kind friends around me who can be a role model for me and the one who can give useful advice is another happiness I am blessed with. Nowadays, I am a first year master's student at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Soon, spring semester will finish and luckily I was able to pass all the subjects. Thanks to my teachers, I learned lots of good qualities from them which are related to the subject of my sphere and general human hood qualities. I did my best to make Chinese friends and they try to help me learn Chinese language. I respect Chinese folk as they are hardworking and over motivated to achieve their aims. This is what one can witness in a country with an oriental culture. Going to the library and doing research together, exchanging ideas, discussing about the topic with Chinese students are fun part my study and it gives me great motivation and I am proud of being a part of this wonderful university and Wuhan city.

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