Mouniir: I am always with Wuhan Marathon
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The Wuhan Marathon took place last Sunday on April 10, 2016 which saw the participation of more than 20000 runners. It started right from the Hankou Beach at JiangHan Road and runners had to run a total of 42 kms to reach the finishing line at Happy Valley. Tongji Hospital dispatched more than 20 doctors and nurses to provide medical assistance, among whom was one of HUST International student Mouniir (Chinese name沙阿玛).

Mouniir is a Mauritian student studying clinical medicine in Tongji Medical College, and is now doing his internship at Tongji hospital. He is warm and cheerful, speaks fluent Chinese, and likes sports, photography and traveling.

During Wuhan Marathon 2016, he followed Professor Cheng Cai, Cardiovascular Surgeon at Tongji Hospital, providing appropriate medical assistance at booth 10 situated at the 20km mark.


The whole team left Tongji Hospital at 5am, and provided medical assistance on the Han Street till afternoon. According to the statistics, Tongji Medical team offered assistance to more than 500 runners with injuries ranging from muscular cramps to severe dehydration.

As a member of the medical team, Mouniir feels deeply challenged and honored. Meanwhile, he enriched his knowledge and gained exquisite experience by working with famous medical personnel from Tongji Hospital. Last but not least, the Wuhan Marathon was a success as it saw the participation of everyone; be it professional athletes, youngsters, elders, lovers... In short all the ingredients were present to make a perfect day!








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