2018 Voice of International HUSTers
By ISO | 2018-05-31 |   


In the evening of May 24, the Third Chinese Song Competition for Chinese Language Students was held at International Student Activity Center of Friendship Apartment, attracting over 150 competitors and audiences, and presented were also Chinese teachers and ISO officers. It was hosted by BAHROMKHON KHUJAEV (Tajikistan), Meryem Belfouzy (Morocco), EMMANUEL GARCIA (Philippines), THUY DUONG DO (Vietnam) and Chinese teachers HE Li & XU Jiasi, ISO officer Zhang Ke and Zhang Hailing as SICA member were invited as judges.

Starting off by Ms. Chen from ISO, the gala hooted audiences by attentively-made and well-crafted video clips about the wonderful moments of each class. Opened by the song Fairy Tale by RICARDO RIBEIRO JUNIOR from A1, whose delightful guitar and voices recalled the flashbacks in beautiful love stories. A2 followed it by a heart-breaking love song Now it’s time. B1 quipped us with a cute group guitar, sing and rap 123 I love You. The atmosphere was highlighted by three students from B2, who delivered a lovely song Can't help falling in love. When crossing the climax I can’t help falling in love with you, they spurred all audiences to sing alongside.

More amazing performances were awaiting: Please Tell Me Why and The Coolest Chinese Folk Style were sung with dance movement; Two songs as Baby and Sorry, My Chinese isn’t Good presented the vigorous youth age; If the Rain Comes Down and Small Dimple showed the power of love; We ain’t the same, the Girl Next Door and Just Give Me a Kiss were presented as group performance. Confident yet lyrical, students showed their enthusiasm of Chinese in this contest, stuffed the room with lively and affectionate ambiances.

 In the end of the contest, the group performance Just Give Me a Kiss from B1 won the competition with their amazing choreography; The Coolest Chinese Folk Style from B4 and the duet Small Dimple from E won the second prize; RICARDO RIBEIRO JUNIOR from A1, the guitar and sing from B1 and group performance of B5 won the third prize; Class B5 and C2 won the prize of Best Class in Activity. Students used cameras and selfies to seize the unforgettable moment after the prize awarding session.


It’s reported that currently HUST has over 255 Chinese Language Students from over 50 different countries, while their curriculum contains specially-designed cultural classes of all versatilities: Dumpling making, Paper-cutting, Chinese arts, Kite-making, Chinese knots were included to transmit the idea of in-depth Study to Chinese learners, which specialize the projects. Chinese Song Competition for Chinese Language Students is an annual manifestation of our ideology-- connect the learners, practice language skills and present the students’talents.








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