2013 New Year Party for Chinese and International Students
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       December 28 of 2012 saw the grand opening of the 2013 New Year Party for Chinese and International Students of HUST. At 7 pm, in the Lecture Hall of the School of Management, faculties and students gathered together to welcome the coming of the new year by sinking themselves in the huge stream of party revelry.  

       The Vice-Chancellor of HUST delivered a New Year greeting message to all the Chinese and international students present on behalf of the University. The distinguished guests also include other prominent figures such as Secretary of Youth League Committee, Vice Director of University Publicity, Vice Director of University Security Department, Vice Director of Academic Affairs Office, Vice Deans of various departments and schools, and representatives from many academic units in HUST.

       With bilingual hosting manner, this party did the utmost to bridge and convenience its diverse audiences. The wide-ranged performances in this party are a fascinating fusion of world cultures, a splendid mixture of ancient and modern elements. The passion–filled singing of Price Tag and Labamba by music band “Zoomtoboom” rang the first bell of the New Year celebration with the vibrant drums.  

       Shown by students from eight countries such as Mongolia and Indonesia, the song “HUST welcomes you”, adapting from a Chinese hit, not only featured this lovely campus, but also voiced their true feelings about HUST. “Sweet”, along with the murmuring of Saxophone, spread the sweet emotions of the Thailand singers to all the audience. Du Meili from Turkey and Anna from Poland made a stunning performance by singing Adele’s popular song “someone like you”, and the loud applause was the best evidence that indicated people’s favor. Fahad, a Pakistani student as well as a legendary student singer in HUST, came back to this stage with his song “Chuan Qi”, reaching the audience with his Fahad-style passion and romance, and triggering a slight wave.

       During the following time, students from Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Lao and Cambodia, displayed their unique folk dancing of their country. Wearing delicate longuettes, black plaits gently hanging down their backs, six beautiful Vietnamese girls swung the ornamental bamboo hats in their hands to lay out all kinds of patterns and shapes. The stage smoke added a distinctive glamour to this dancing, creating an illusion of rambling along the misty riverside. Lao students dressing in exotic traditional costumes, danced “Boun”, lighting up the fire inside the audience, even arousing kids to dance with these performers on the stage. The creative dancing by the Mongolian students from Central China Normal University was a combination of traditional dancing and modern hip-hop, leaving a deep impression for people who watched this marvelous show.

      Korea Opera Show resembled a lot with Peking Opera, with one rapping, another accompanying on his Korean drum. The dancing of “Gangnam style” which was a worldwide hit in this year triggered a burst of climax for this party.

      This party is not only a gathering of talented foreign students, but a stage for outstanding Chinese students. The champion of the Second Hustar Show, Xu Chao struck the evening with his brilliant dancing. The fabulous traditional musical instruments show immersed all the audience in the vast ocean of melody and music. The beauties wearing cheongsams and Han-dynasty-style robes in the Chinese traditional costume catwalk provided a big esthetic feast for all the audience.

      This New Year's party was organized by the School of International Education and Student International Exchange Association of HUST, aiming at displaying the talents of the international students, enhancing the deeper exchanges between Chinese and International students, and strengthening the internationalized atmosphere inside the campus. This party also gained the support of Saudi Arabian embassy in China.

Mr. Luo, the vice president of HUST, delivers a welcoming speech

The team of Comperes

The performance of Zoomtodoom Music Band

Welcome to HUST, sung by international Students from eight countries

Vietnam Dance

The Moon Tells My Heart, sung by Thai student

Gangnam Style 

Chinese traditional musical instruments performance

Chinese traditional costume show

Cambodian Dance


You Have to Be Happy, sung by Bai Yun, the former Top 10 singer of HUST

Someone Like You, sung by Polish and Turkish girls

Mongolian dance

Japanese song and dance

Song by students from D.P.R.Korea

Hip-hop by Chinese students

Pakistan dance

Sexy Latin Bomb 2

Lottery draw by Mr. Yu Hailin, the dean of School of International Education

A group photo

Photographed by Shi Shuguo

Image Processing by Jerry YIN

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