Last Rehearsal-----Wish the International Students New Year Party A Big Success!
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The 2013 International Students New Year Party will be held at 7:00 pm in the Lecture Hall of the School of Management. People from all party concerned are busy preparing for the party. Let’s take a look at the last rehearsal right now.

SICA members first come to the site at 2:30, doing some warming up for the show. They have been divided into five groups responsible for the organizing works.Almost all the members from SICA have devoted into this program. In addition, teachers from the School of International Education are busy instructing relevant staffs at the stage. Mongolian girls are occupied practicing their hand-made drums at the corner. Students from Mexico have been practicing a wonderful and thrilling Latin dance for more than one month. A group of Korean girls together with a handsome boy rehearse the popular dance GangnamStyle three times, in order to present a perfect performance for the audience.

This is the fourth rehearsal for the International Students New Year Party according to a SICA member. With so much efforts and dedication, there is no doubt that the New Year Party will be a big success! 

Photographer: Zhong Shujing

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