Vice Minister of Finance of Mongolia Visited HUST
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"As a graduate of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), I am so glad to return to my alma mater to give a speech." On September 30th, HUST alumna, the Vice Minister of Finance of Mongolia, BULGANTUYA KHURELBAATAR, headed a Mongolian delegation to HUST and attended the "China-Mongolia Financial Policy Planning and Reform Seminar".
Mr. Xu Xiaodong, Vice President of HUST, met with Bulgantuya and the Mongolian delegation and presented her the appointment of guest professor. He pointed out that HUST attached great importance to the exchanges and cooperation with Mongolia. He was proud of the accomplishments achieved by Bulgantuya and hoped that she would continue her efforts to make greater contributions to the enhancement of the communication and collaboration between China and Mongolia.

Bulgantuya delivered a speech in the lecture hall of the School of Economics. In her speech, Bulgantuya first recalled the good times when she was studying at HUST and expressed her deep gratitude to HUST. She congratulated the People's Republic of China on its 70th anniversary. "Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 70 years ago, the communication and collaboration between the two countries in various fields have yielded fruitful results. Grasping new historical opportunities, the cooperation between the two countries will surely be further strengthened."

After the visit to the History Exhibition Hall of the School of Economics, the HUST Administraive Service Center, Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics, Xianda Building of WUTONGYU Academic Exchange Center, and Friendship Apartment, Bulgantuya highly praised the development of HUST in recent years. She also held a meeting with Mongolian students studying at HUST, during which she encouraged them with her own experience to cherish the study opportunity in China and act as a bridge of Sino-Mongolian cultural exchanges. Officials from the International Exchange Center, the School of International Education, the Alumni Work and External Liaison Office and the School of Economics participated in the reception.

Bulgantuya came to China for study under the support of the Chinese government scholarship in 2000. She studied in the School of Economics starting from 2001 and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in 2006. Afterwards, Bulgantuya got her Master's Degree in Yale University, USA. In 2013, Bulgantuya was elected as the Foreign Secretary of the Mongolian People's Party. In 2015, she paid a special visit to HUST during her visit to China with a delegation of senior cadres of the Mongolian People's Party; and in 2016, she was appointed as the Vice Minister of Finance of Mongolia.

“作为华中科技大学的毕业生,我非常高兴回到母校进行演讲。 ”9月30日,我校校友、蒙古国财政部副部长布勒根图雅(中文名: 布娜)率蒙古国代表团成员来校访问,并参加“中蒙财经政策规划和改革研讨会”。
副校长许晓东会见布娜一行,并向其颁发了客座教授聘书。 他指出,学校高度重视与蒙古的交流合作,对布娜校友取得的成就感到自豪,希望其继续奋斗,为促进中蒙两国的交流合作做出更大贡献。
布娜在经济学院报告厅发表了主题演讲。 她回忆了在华中科技大学读书时的美好时光,对母校表达了深深的感谢。 她对中华人民共和国成立70周年表示祝贺,并指出: “中蒙两国建交70年来,两国各个领域的交流合作成果丰硕。 把握新的历史机遇,两国合作关系必将得到进一步加强。
访问期间,布娜参观了经济学院历史展览馆、学校师生服务中心、武汉光电国家研究中心、贤达楼、友谊公寓等,高度评价了学校近年来取得的发展成就。 她还与在校蒙古学生举行了座谈会,用自己的求学和成功经历勉励所有蒙古学生珍惜来华学习的机会,努力学好汉语,成为中蒙文化交流的使者。 国际交流处、国际教育学院、校友工作及对外联络办公室、经济学院等相关单位负责人参与了接待工作。
布娜于2000年受中国政府奖学金资助来华留学,2001年入我校经济学院经济学专业学习,2006年毕业取得学士学位。 之后,在美国耶鲁大学取得了硕士学位。 2013年,布娜当选为蒙古国人民党外事书记并于2015年率蒙古人民党高级干部考察团专程回学校访问。 2016年,布娜被任命为蒙古国财政部副部长。
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