HUST alumnus from Equatorial Guinea visited Alma Mater(HUST)
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On March 23, Marcos Ndjeng Micha, an alumnus of class 2007, working at the Institute of Telecommunications and New Technology in Equatorial Guinea, visited the Alma Mater (HUST) with the delegation of Equatorial Guinea Students Studying in China. Mr. He Gang,Deputy Director of the International Exchange Center of HUST received the delegation.

Mr. He Gang extended a warm welcome to Marcos Ndjeng Micha's return-visit to HUST. He pointed out that HUST is willing to cultivate more talents for Equatorial Guinea and hopes to strengthen the cooperation and exchanges in the relevant areas through the link between Equatorial Guinea alumni and China.

Marcos Ndjeng Micha is pleased to have this opportunity to return to his Alma Mater in six years after graduation. He expressed his appreciation for the development of his Alma Mater and his willingness to promote the exchange and cooperation between Equatorial Guinea and HUST in related fields.

Marcos Ndjeng Micha was sponsored by the Chinese Government Scholarship in 2007 to study in the Department of Telecommunications (now the School of Electronic Information and Communication) in HUST, and graduated in 2011. Nowadays, he works in the Ministry of Telecommunications and New Technology in Equatorial Guinea .

Mr. Hei Xiaojun , professor of the School of Electronic Information and Communication and Mr. Lan Hanghang, Director of International Student Office participated in the reception of the delegation.




      (撰稿,陈骏;翻译,冯乐兰)3月23日,我校2007级校友、赤道几内亚电信与新技术部官员Marcos Ndjeng Micha随赤道几内亚留华同学会代表团回母校访问。国际交流处副处长何刚接待了代表团一行。

       何处长对Marcos Ndjeng Micha回校访问表示了热烈的欢迎,他指出学校愿意为赤道几内亚培养更多人才,希望通过赤几校友为纽带加强赤几相关领域的合作与交流。

       Marcos Ndjeng Micha很高兴在毕业6年后再次回到母校,他对母校的发展表示赞赏,表示愿意在相关领域推动赤几与母校的交流和合作。

       Marcos Ndjeng Micha于2007年受中国政府奖学金资助来我校电信系(现电子信息与通信学院)学习,2011年毕业。现在赤道几内亚电信与新技术部工作。


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