The 4th Chinese Language Student Conference Successfully Held
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The 4th Chinese Language Student Conference in the spring semester in 2016 was successfully held on Jan.5th in the International Student Activity Center in Friendship Apartment,which was held by the International Student Office in HUST and it was supervised by Mr.Yin Xinlin. The vice dean of the School of International Education Ms.Zhao Xiaofeng, and the Professor of the Department of Chinese Ms.Luo Lin were present in the conference.

Ms.Zhao said that as China has enjoyed increasing influence in the world arena, more and more people are learning Chinese language, which enabled them to better understand Chinese and Chinese culture, and even was to their advantage in the future job hunting. She hoped that Chinese language students would not only play the role as Chinese language learners, but also as folk ambassadors for China and other countries in order to promote culture and friendship.

Ms. Luolin expressed her congratulations to the students who won the awards and was glad to witness their improvement during the past months. She wished the students could carry on their hard work and learn from each other so as to better adapt to the life on and off campus.


Mr. Yin reflected the rich and colorful extra-curricular activities by video with the students of this semester, which included making Chinese knots, bracelets,dumplings and learning Chinese songs and touring around in Wuhan. The flashes in the video reminded the students of the warm and happy moments about their learning while entertaining.

There were three types of individual awards and one collective award, namely the Best Performance Award, the Perfect Attendance Award, the Greatest Improvement Award and the Best Class and 69 students from over 30 countries were entitled.Ms.Zhao and Ms.Luo presented the awards.Class D won the title of Best Class, and Li Yinxin from the Republic of Korea, the monitor of Class D shared the moments about learning, playing games,touring around and mutual helping in her class, which had greatly touched the audience.Two new awards were added today as the Award of Special Contribution,Carlos Eduardo from Brazil won the prize because he volunteered to teach the children in the Affiliated Primary School and Middle School to HUST football as an assistant coach while Joseph from Dominica, another volunteer who won the prize by founding a art club teaching students in HUST guitar for free.Every Tuesday many guitar fans would joined the club and enjoyed the lively and teaching.


Sharing the experience about learning Chinese is the last part of the conference and three students respectively from primary, secondary and advanced level delivered the speech.Meng Yong,a girl from Cote d'Ivoire who only studied Chinese for five months impressed everyone deeply by her accurate pronunciation and fluent expression.“Persistence and diligence are the key to learn Chinese well. ”Her words have inspired the present students a lot.Le Daniel and Nathan from United States also shared their life and study experience in China, striking the chord of many students.

More than 120 students from countries like France, Russia, Mongolia attended the conference, which aims at demonstrating the learning fruits of this semester and awarding those students who performed well in study, attendance, improvement or public welfare. Students could learn from each other though sharing as to better adapt their future life and study.













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