Notice of Updated Canteen Service for International Students on the Main Camp
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Notice of Updated Canteen Service for International Students

on the Main Campus

April 14th, 2020

Dear International Students Living on the Main Campus:

As Wuhan’s efforts to prevent and control the novel coronavirus have taken effects and in order to meet the dining demands among staff and students on the main campus, the university will restart providing breakfast, lunch and dinner from April 15th in Baijing Yuan 1st floor and Xue Yi Canteen (Eastern campus). International Student Office will stop current free meal delivery services to dormitories from April 15th.

According to the university updated plans, detailed information is as follows:

1.    Canteen Service time:

Breakfast 7:00-8:30

Lunch 11:30-13:00(Time for going out will be extended to 14:00 if shopping application has been approved)

Dinner 17:00-18:30

2.    In order to minimize the potential risks of being infected inside the canteen, the university will only provide takeaway food package and set meals only. Staff and students are not allowed to eat inside the canteen.

Set meals categories are:

(1) Breakfast: 5 RMB/set

(2) Lunch and dinner are provided with 3 choices:

Choice A: 10 RMB/set (including meat, vegetables, rice, and 1 piece of takeaway box)

Choice B: 15 RMB/set (including 2 different kinds of meat dish, vegetables, rice, and 1 piece of takeaway box)

Choice C: 20 RMB/set (including 3 different kinds of meat dish, vegetables, egg, rice, and 2 takeaway boxes)

Different food choices will be available and detailed updates will be posted on the front door of dining canteen.

There will be steamed buns, steamed bread, steamed twisted rolls and more kinds of food available sold at 5 pieces/bag.

3.    Special reminders:

(1) Please cooperate with canteen staff to have your temperature measured.

(2) Be sure to wear facial masks, sanitize your hands and disinfect your shoes before stepping into the canteen.

(3) Be sure to bring your passport and student smart ID card for entry inspection.

(4) Keep social distances at more than 1.5 meters for safe protection.

(5) Speak simple words with canteen staff to avoid potential aerosol infection risks.

4.    Other important matters

(1) Dormitory entry screening system will be re-activated, and all students are requested to swipe your smart card for exit and entry. Time for going out shopping will be the same as the above-mentioned dining time. The International Student Office will not approve any other additional application for going out.

(2) Be sure to register at the dormitory management office before going out for dining. Dormitory management must check student ID strictly and forbid visiting students from different dormitories. All students shall be disinfected before entry into dormitory.

(3) Be sure to apply for a shopping pass one day in advance at dormitory management office. One student is only allowed to apply 2 shopping  passes maximum per week and passport is needed for identification check in supermarket and Jimao market. (The maximum shopping passes provided at dormitories are: Baijingge 25 pieces/day, Huahong 15 pieces/day, Hongjing 10 pieces/day)

(4) Currently, all international students are still not allowed to go out of the campus, and you can only move within the designated areas of the campus in specific time period. If you are staying outside dormitory beyond time limits or found with illegal gatherings, the International Student Office will issue you a warning notice. If repeated violations happen, your qualification to live inside dormitory will be cancelled.

The pandemic has not reached its end, and there are still risks of going out. All students are advised not to go out if it is not necessary.

International Student Office

School of International Education,HUST

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