A big snowstorm hit Wuhan! International students staying on campus during winter vacation MUST read safety reminders quickly
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Recently, affected by extreme weather, Wuhan has experienced widespread lowtemperature, rain, snow and freezing weather. Students, please be sure to take safety precautions on campus. Let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to!


1 Reduce going out


The recent extreme weather has been lasting for a long time and affecting a wide range of areas.Students are asked to stay indoors as much as possible and reduce unnecessary outings.When going out, be sure to keep warm and wear heavy clothesin time to avoid frostbite. Be careful not to use illegal high-power electrical appliances indoors.


2 Pay attention to slippery road


In the severe cold weather, the roads on campus are icy. Students should pay attention to slippery road when traveling. Walk slowly when walking on slippery and icy roads or going up and down stairs or steps to prevent slips and falls.Try to walk or take the HUST campus bus, and reduce riding on electric vehicles and bicycles.

步行/ walk


1) When going out and passing billboards, trees or buildings, you should try to pass as quickly as possible to prevent being injured by falling ice from high altitude;


2) The road is very wet and slippery after snow, so remember to wear non-slip shoes with deep grooves;


3) Always pay attention to road conditions, find safe paths, and avoid slippery places such as ice, snowdrifts, etc.;


4) Walk slowly in small steps and don’t run. When walking, keep your feet shoulderwidth apart, lean forward slightly, and walk slowly with your center of gravity down. Don’t put your hands in your pockets. Keep your hands outside to maintain balance. If you fall, your hands can bolster you.

骑行/ riding(不建议not suggested)


1) When riding an electric bike or bicycle in rain or snow, deflate the tires to increase the friction between the tires and the ground;


2) Try to ride on roads with dry snow or wet snow, and don’t try it on icy road;


3) Wear a helmet when riding, maintain a relatively safe distance between vehicles, and prevent injuries caused by slippery falls on the ground.


3 Pay attention to broken branches


Due to the current cold weather, the accumulation of ice and snow on campus street trees can easily cause branches to break and fall, tree lodging, ice slipping and other phenomena. The HUST General Affairs Logistics Department, Security Department and other relevant departments have organized the cleanup of broken branches on campus, but there is still a risk of broken and fallen branches. The temperature is expected to continue to drop in the next few days.Students are suggested to pay attention to safety when going out.Please observe or detour carefully when staying outdoors, and try to stay away from dangerous areas such as trees, building edges, and outdoor hanging objects to prevent injuries from falling tree branches, ice and snow.


In the event of an emergency, please immediately contact dormitory staff, school counselors or the teacher on duty of the International Student Office.


International Student Office, School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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