"Spoiler Alert": Conference Keynote Speeches
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Today is 8-Day Countdown of the 1st HUST International Student Alumni Conference! Dear international student alumni, here comes two keynote speeches by HUST leading professors: Poverty Reduction: "China’s Innovation and Global Cooperation" and "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality". Please stay tuned!


Prof. Wang Bing



Keynote Speech:

Poverty Reduction: China's Innovation and Global Cooperation

王冰教授的主要研究领域为环境经济与政策、伦理学与经济学、幸福经济学等。担任20多家国际国内学术期刊评审专家,曾赴剑桥大学、冰岛大学访学。2006年被评为湖北日报理论年度人物2010年获得中国和欧盟联合资助的伊拉斯莫学者(Erasmus Scholar)称号,2012年入选湖北省新世纪高层次人才

Prof. Wang Bing, at College of Public Administration, his main research fields cover Environmental Economics and Policy, Ethics and Economics, Happiness Economics, etc. He serves as a reviewer on more than 20 international and Chinese academic journals, and ever worked in Cambridge University and University of Iceland as visiting scholar. Prof. Wang Bing was honored as Hubei Daily (Theory)’s “Man of Year” in 2006, Erasmus Scholar in 2010, New Century High-level talents in Hubei Province in 2012.


Prof. Liu Zhaohui



Keynote Speech:

Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality


Professor Liu Zhaohui, at State Key Laboratory of Coal Combustion. He is the head of Carbon Capture and Storage Institute and ever worked as Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory of Coal Combustion, HUST. He works on Clean and low-carbon combustion technology of fossil energy, etc., and has authored two books, published over 100 academic articles on SCI journals, patented over 27 inventions and has 4 software copyright.

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