The strict blocked control in Wuhan city
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To all international students now living off-campus,

According to the latest notice from Wuhan Epidemic Control Centre, all estates of Wuhan shall be in the strict closed control.

1. If not necessary, like going to the hospital, no one could go out of the estate.

2. No private vehicle on the road.

3. No shop open.

All daily supplies are via the local govern community. Some communities could help sending the goods perchased on-line to your room. And some communities organize purchase affairs together. That depends.

Many govern communities are create a wechat group for the residents in their community. Community Grid Administrator(网格员, Wang Ge Yuan) is keeping in touch with the relevant residents.

Hereby ISO strongly suggest you could get in touch with your govern community as soon as you can, the possible way to contact with them are including but not limited to:

1. Ask your Estate Property Service Company

2. Ask your householder

3. Ask your rent agent

4. Fulfill the Daily Health Report in Study Partner APP and report that you could not get in touch with your govern community.

Regarding the medicine requirement:

1. If you have no fever and need some OTC or prescription medicine, please ask the hospital in your community.

2. If you need go to one hospital out of your local community, eg. pregnancy test in Tongji Hospital, please report to your local govern community, and it will arrange the taxi.

3. If unfortunately you have a fever, please report to govern community and ISO, together we will help you get hospitalization as soon as possible.


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