Notice on the Arrangement of 2023 Winter Vacation
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Notice on the Arrangement of 2023 Winter Vacation


To all international student,                                                                                               Jan 5, 2023


According to the university’s arrangement of 2023 winter vacation, the winter vacation will start on Jan. 7, 2023 to Feb. 13, 2023. We hereby notify the related work arrangements for winter vacation are notified as follows:

1. During the winter vacation, please go to the Administrative Service Center, Window No.1 or medical ISO if you have any questions. (Working hours8:30 am – 11:30 am, 14:30 pm – 17:00 pm. Contact number: 027-87541868-8001, 027-83692920)

2. Students who need to enter or exit the campus can apply through After the application is approved, students can use student ID card to enter or exit campus through the gates.

3. Students who have the plan to leave Wuhan must apply to the supervisor or the counselor of your school for approval and report your leave to the corresponding coordinator of the International Student Office. Students shall return to campus before 13 FEB, 2023.

4. International students staying in Wuhan for winter vacation should pay attention to the electricity security, pay attention to the cold weather and keep warm, and maintain good study and rest habits. In case of any emergencies, please contact the apartment staff, the department counselor or the coordinator of the International Student Office as soon as possible.


Wish you a safe and peaceful winter vacation!

Wish you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!




International Student Office: 86-27-87559551

International Students Office (Tongji campus): 86-27-83692920

Friendship Apartment: 027-87543400

Bojingge Apartment: 027-87793163

Tongji International Student Apartment: 027-83630667

Tongyuan Apartment: 027-83692549

The coordinator:

Type   of Students



Medical   Bachelor students taught in Chinese

Mr.   QIN Erchuan

MBBS   Students enrolled in odd years

Pharmacy   Bachelor Students

Ms.   LUO Meiying (Jolly)

MBBS   Students enrolled in even years

Mr.   ZHU Xugang

Medical   Graduate Students

Ms.   ZHOU Yijie

College   of Life Science & Technology

MBBS   Freshmen

Medical   Bachelor Freshmen taught in Chinese

Ms.   YANG Xiaoyi (Abby)

School   of Mechanical Science & Engineering

School   of Materials Science & Engineering

School   of Energy & Power Engineering

China-EU   Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy

School   of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

School   of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Mr.   WANG Zaiyang

School   of Optical & Electronic Information

Ms.   ZHANG Ke (Coco)

School   of Artificial Intelligence & Automation

School   of Computer Science & Technology

School   of Cyber Science & Engineering

School   of Software Engineering

School   of Mathematics & Statistics

School   of Physics

School   of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

School   of Electronic Information & Communications

Wuhan   National Laboratory for Optoelectronics

School   of Civil & Hydraulic Engineering

School   of Architecture & Urban Planning

School   of Environmental Science & Engineering

School   of Aerospace Engineering

Ms.   YANG Yuming

School   of Management

School   of Economics

College   of Public Administration

School   of Sociology

Law   School

School   of Education

School   of Humanities

School   of Foreign Languages

School   of Journalism & Information Communication

Ms.   WANG Yurui





1. 寒假期间,如有任何问题或相关业务办理需求,请前往师生服务中心一号窗口或医科国际学生办公室,值班时间为上午8:30-11:30,下午2:30-5:30,值班电话:027-87541868-8001,027-83692920。

2. 寒假期间,有进出校门需求的国际学生,可通过“国际学生招生与管理服务系统” 的“在校服务申请”,申请通过后,学生本人刷校园卡从各校门通行。

3. 有计划离汉离华的国际学生须向导师/辅导员申请,由院系审批,报国际学生办公室备案,并应在2月13日之前返校。

4. 国际学生寒假期间务必注意用电安全,注意防寒保暖,保持良好作息习惯,如遇突发情况,要第一时间联系公寓工作人员、院系辅导员或国际学生办公室值班老师。































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