Selection of HUST Outstanding International Undergraduate Students of the Academic Year 2021-2022
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Dear Undergraduates,

To honor outstanding international students, the university has decided to select and award HUST Outstanding International Students. The notice is hereby announced as follows:

1. Honors Open for Application

l HUST Academic Excellence Award

l HUST Academic Progress Award

l HUST Outstanding Student Cadre

l HUST Outstanding Volunteer

2. Basic Qualifications

a) HUST registered degree students;

b) Good discipline record;

c) Honest, devoted to university and friendly to China;

d) No academic misconduct

e) No violation to registration regulations;

f) No record of punishment and never undermine the university’s reputation.

3. Other Essential Qualifications

3.1 Essential Qualification for Academic Excellence Award

a) Grade 2 or above

b) Good GPA (marks of average 80 and above);

c) Passing all the courses;

d) Good attitude toward study and Strong learning ability and research spirit;

3.2 Essential Qualification for Academic Progress Award

a) Grade 2 or above

b) Good attitude toward study or it is turning significantly better

c)Significant improvement in class ranking;

3.3 Essential Qualification for Outstanding Student Cadre

a) Studying hard; good academic performances; ranking the top 40% in class;

b) Actively Serve other students; excellent with organization, execution and leadership skills; strong sense of team honor;

c) Serve as the student organization leader /School or ISO assistant for over one year.

3.4 Essential Qualification for Outstanding Volunteer

a) Actively participate in public benefit activities organized by school or other relevant units for a year or above;

b) A spirit of dedication and not worrying about personal gains and losses.

4. Selection Procedure

l Log on “” and submit your personal application before November 16, 2022.

l Qualification checked and recommended by the school.

l Get evaluated by the university selection committee.

l Decision shall be announced by the university after the review and honors shall be granted at ceremony.

5. Important Matters to Follow

l Students must submit the application form, academic transcript and necessary supporting materials before the deadline of November 16, 2022. Application beyond the deadline shall not be considered.

l Application documents must be true and valid. Once falsifications are found, the university will seriously deal with it and strip of the honorary titles and prizes of relevant people.

ATTACHMENT: The guideline for online application

School of International Education

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

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