Keep Prevention Tips in Mind, Keep Away From the Frauds
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Dear HUST international students,

International students are prone to be the victims of telecom fraud because they are likely to be unfamiliar with the local situation and lack of safety awareness. Fraud cases often occur. We specially list some fraud prevention tips for you to avoid the reoccurrence of more fraud cases and hope you keep alert to telecom fraud. 

① Avoid fraud in online shopping.

With the development of network technique, online shopping becomes more and more common. Recently, a foreign student received a message on his WeChat. "Only need to pay the shipment, you will get a set of Nike sportswear.” He believed the lie and fell into a scam. After paying a part of shipment fee for the first time, he paid the balance fee for shipment again after the arrival of the goods. The liar continued to ask him for extra fee before delivering the goods. In the end, he only received something fake, but paid high price.

The swindlers always make the use of people’s greed to easy benefits. They publish false information to attract people's attention. The students thought they are going to hunt a bargain, but finally put themselves in a scam.

The swindlers always make the use of people’s greed to easy benefits. They publish false information to attract people's attention. The students thought they are going to hunt a bargain, but finally put themselves in a scam.

So how can we avoid fraud in online shopping?

If the price is too good to be true, it almost ALWAYS IS!

It’s too easy to get scammed if price is your only criteria. Remind yourself when you make a decision, how can the seller offer such a low price?

Be careful when buying name brand products.

Name brand products sold at far lower prices are mostly fakes. All name brand products (such as Apple, Huawei, etc.) are protected by their manufacturers, thus there is almost no chance of buying them at low prices.

Do not pay directly to the seller's personal bank account.

If you receive a proposal from a seller asking you to complete transactions directly to them instead of via the official website, just ignore their requests and report them ASAP. If you accept the seller’s proposal, you will not be entitled to the Buyer Protection.  

Do not confirm delivery before receiving the order.

Confirmation on receiving the goods shall be after the arrival of order.

Consider the feedback information before deciding to buy.

A good seller enjoys good feedback reviews.

Besides the fraud in online shopping, your personal information is also important. Please take good care of it. Otherwise, scammers will use it to commit fraud.

② Keep your credentials safe

Please take care of your passport or other important identifications. Never lend your passport to others and entrust others to copy to prevent them from using your card to get information of bank card, credit card and other valid cards.

There are still some things to keep in your mind when you are out:

③ Never scan the QR code easily.

The ubiquitous QR codes may look harmless enough, with their random pattern of tiny black squares on a white grid, but by scanning one of them, you could end up seriously out of pocket. By replacing legitimate merchants' codes with malevolent copies, fraudsters can gain access to consumers' data and even raid their bank accounts.

Currently, over 23 per cent of Trojans and viruses are transmitted via QR codes. Please be cautious.

④ Avoid scams in renting apartments

Read your contract word by word and make sure that everything mentioned is written there. If it’s not written, it doesn’t exist and then you have no right to enforce the landlord to respect his word.

Get a receipt for anything you pay. Receipt is an important proof in case of refund.

Don’t accept to pay more than a month rent deposit. If you don’t want to use an agency, avoid to sign a contract with a landlord who doesn’t live in the apartment (or next door). Also, avoid intermediaries! The normal Service fee for agency should be the half of rent for the first month.

⑤ SIM card selling in public places

This situation is a touting scam that may cause you a bad experience once you agree to purchase the recommended card. Generally happen like the following:

A person on the street, or airport, or train station, or some places like that, will offer you a SIM card. The price is usually much higher, while it may be a convenient way to get the thing you want. It could not say that all the people selling this kind of items are unreliable, but indeed it is a service with risks.

The most reliable way is to get a SIM card at the China Unicom / China Mobile / China Telecom inside campus. Do not trust commodities which are peddled on streets.

The price should be about CNY 50 for one SIM card and the average mobile costs for students ranges from CNY 50 to 100 per month ( if you are not a Cellphone Crazy fans).

⑥ Beware of Black/Shady taxi

Black taxi, refers to the shady taxi, is waiting for their targets who may mostly be the foreign tourists. This taxi scam in China may be occurred in some following situation:1. To you destination with a big bill2. Without taking you to the destination and taking your luggage away3. A stranger share the car with you
Where may happen:  around the airports and most popular scenic spots.


At the airport: take a cab which is waiting in the airport specified area. If you could not find the taxi waiting area, you are suggested to consult with the airport reception.

Plan to choose the taxi: stick to pay by meters. If the driver does not agree, change to another one.Stick to ask for a receipt so that you can find the things you left on the taxi.Don’t share taxi with strangers.If you’ve been overcharged or scammed, write down the license plate number as well as the driver’s ID number so that you can report them. Also, take some photos of the car and driver if possible.

It is a great way to ask your hotel reception about the reasonable price to your destination.

⑦  Fee paying agency fraud

The cheaters may tell you he/she is your teacher or countrymate and he/she can help you pay all the fees.

Remind: never entrust strangers to pay fee for you, there is no shortcut to pay school fee.

HUSTer, please always keep the fraud prevention tips in your mind! We hope you will never be bothered by the frauds.

International Student Office,


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