Emergency Notice on COVID-19 Nuclear Acid Test
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To all international students in Wuhan,

Wuhan city will organize free nuclear acid test for all the Wuhan residences. For international students, the arrangements are as follows.

A. Students living on campus

1. Test time

7:00-10:00 AM, 19:00-22:00 PM

4th-6th August

2. Test location

South of the Yuyuan Supermarket (Near Bojingge)

B. Students living out of campus

1. The students could follow the arrangement of your community.

2. The students could enter campus and test.

C. Tips

1. The test is payment free.

2. Please remember to take your passport.

3. Please wear mask well.

4. There is no special channel for foreigners, please queue in order.

5. The test result will be the basis for access campus from 7th August on.

6. The students now out of Wuhan, please stay in situ and abide by the local epidemic control policy. The notice of returning and its regulations will be noticed later.


International Student Office, SIE-HUST

















C 注意事项











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