FAQ for New International Students of HUST
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FAQ for New International Students of HUST

· For International students currently in China·

Q1: In theAppointmentSystem, it is needed to fill in the pick-up information. Could I come to the campus by myself?

A1: The campus is under closed management, you are not allowed to enter the campus whether you areby footor by car. Therefore, ISO has developed anAppointmentSystem,through which vehicles will be arranged for youaccording to your arriving time at Wuhan.

For new international students who are already in Wuhan and do not need pick-upservice, please go to the gate of Optics Valley Gymnasium of HUST during working time (8:00am-18:00pm)fromSeptember 14-16. Teachers and vehicles will take you to the registration site.

Q2: I would like to come tothecampus before September 14, is that ok?

A2:The answer is probably no. If it is really due to the expiration of residence permit, please contact iso_admin@hust.edu.cn , special arrangements will be made according to the expiration date of your residence permit. Students who come in advance for other reasons will not be accepted.

Q3: I would like to come to school after September 16, is that ok?

A3:We do not recommend. The campus is under closed management and ISO cannot make arrangements for youtimelyto enter the campus.

Q4: I don't want a double room. Can I have a single room?

A4: In theAppointmentSystem, rooms are arranged according to the corresponding standard of your education level, without considering your personal special situation. If you need to change your room, you could handle it on site after arriving at the campus.

Q5: I don't want to liveon campus. Can I apply to liveoff-campus?

A5: For the sake of epidemic prevention and control, it is not allowed to liveoff-campus in principle. In special circumstances, such as family members' accompanying study, it is allowed to rent a house outside the campus and you could handle it on site after arriving at the campus.

Q6: Do I need a physical examination?

A6: It has been confirmed with Wuhan Immigration Office that international students who are currently in China and already holdalegal residence permit do not need to re-examine when they renew the residence permit.

Q7: I am a preparatory student of the Chinese government scholarship in 2019. When can Icome to the campus?

A7: Thearrivingtime for preparatory students is September 14-16.

Other matters, such as courses, registration, payment,andliving affairs, etc., will be arranged in detail after your arrival.

· For International students currently outside China·

Q1: In theAppointmentSystem, I need to fill in visa / flight information. I don't have it. What should I do?

A1: TheAppointmentSystem is to help students come to campus smoothly. For international students who are outside China currently,thereis no need to fillintheAppointmentSystem. When required, ISO will issue a notice on website and send it to the student's email address.

Q2: I have received the admission letter. How should I apply for a visa?

A2: Please consult the Chinese Embassy in your country for visa processing. The embassy will make unified arrangements for visa processing. The admission letter does not mean that the Chinese Embassy will definitely grant you a visa. Please wait patiently for the arrangement.

Q3: I want to keep my study qualification. How should I register?

A3: It's not the time for new international students to register at present. ISO will issue a notice on the website in time to ensure that you can obtain the student status normally.

Q4: I am a self-paid student. How could I pay?

A4:Pleasefollow the guidance on the attachment of your admission letter. If there are some problems, please contact Ms. ZHU Zhou zhuzhouzoey@hust.edu.cn

Q5: I am a Chinese government scholarship student. Will my monthly stipend be paid?

A5: According to the notice of CSC, the monthly stipend of international students outside China will not be paidat presentanditwill be reissued after they come to the University.

Q6: How to have classesinthis semester?

A6: HUST will arrange onlinecoursesaccording to the registration situation. If you can't adapt to online teaching, you can apply for suspension.Specific suspension process will be arranged in detail after the completion of the registration of the new international students now in China.

Q7: Should the self-paid students pay the tuition fees during suspension period?

A7:Thereis no need to pay tuition fee during the suspension period. If it has been paid, it will beextendedto the next academic year.

Q8: Will the scholarship beextendedafter the suspension period?

A8: HUST will report to the CSC, and the approval decision will be issued by CSC. For schooling and scholarship suspension affairs, you could contact Ms. ZHANGKe, zhangkeke@hust.edu.cn

Q9: If I decide to attend onlinecourses, will there be any discount on tuition fee?

A9: The tuition standard is filedby thegovernment, and there is no preferential policycurrently.

Q10: I amcurrently outside China. If I can get a visa and enter China before October 31, can I come to campus?

A10: HUST only accepts study visa. If you enter China with a legal study visa and complete the required quarantine inspection, you can come to the campus. ISO willfollow closelythe visa policies of various countries and inform the students to apply for the visa in time.

Q11: I'm anundergraduate in Chinese medium, and I need to take courses with Chinese students of the same class. At present, all the Chinese students have returned to the campus and are ready to start courses. However, I am not sure when I can return to China. How should I arrange my courses? Should I choose online classes or apply for suspension?

A11: HUST has arranged onlinecoursesfor students now outside China. If you couldn't adapt, you could apply for suspension and resume your studies after you can come to campus.

Q12: I'm outside China.When isthe deadline for tuition payment?

A12: Full payment of tuition fee is thepre-requistefor registration. It is suggested that the tuition fee should be paid before October 1.












































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