Updated Notice on Going Out of Campus for International Students
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Sept 08, 2020

Updated Notice on Going Out of Campus for International Students

Dear International Students ( Living on Main Campus and Tongji Campus):

According to HUST latest management and control measures, in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment, all students (including Chinese students and international students) are advised not to go out of Campus if it is not necessary since Sept 7th, 2020.

For the international students living on campus, if you really have to go out of campus, please follow the steps:

1. Please report and register only at your apartment before 11:30 one day in advance. If missing the time, the apartment will not register for you.

2. ISO will review all the applications first and reject some unreasonable applications, and then send the reasonable applications to your school supervisor for recheck.

3. After all the review is finished, ISO will report to the HUST security office. Thus, the next day, you can go out of the campus.

4. Please register your leaving and returning time at your apartment.

Thanks for your support and understanding.

International Student Office

School of International Education

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