Name: Zhang Yanrong

Professor in School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Phone: 86-27-15872384337


Academic Areas: Environmental Science Research Institute

Research Interest

Application of AOPs in wastewater treatment Air pollution control by photocatalytic technology Developing novel nano materials used in photocatalysis and supercapacitor


Master--Chemistry--Lanzhou Univ. Lanzhou, China --1996

Doctor--Energy and Environment--Graduate School of Engineering, Utsunomiya Univ. Utsunomiya, Japan --2004

Bachelor--Instrument--Tianjing Univ. Tianjing, China --1990

Oversea Study and Visit

Joint Research,Graduate School of Engineering, Utsunomiya Univ.,Japan,2004-04-01-2005-09-30

Post Doctoral,Institute of Industry Science, The Univ. of Tokyo,Japan,2005-10-01-2007-08-31

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

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