Name: Zang Jianfeng

Professor in School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Phone: 86-27-18607148395


Academic Areas: School of Optical and Electronic Information

Research Interest

Soft Nanomaterials and Devices: Our research focuses a broad multidisciplinary area, ranging from materials, mechanics, engineering, to optical and electronics. We are dedicating to the understanding of the fundamental mechanism in soft active nanomaterials and devices using the nanomaterials and soft active materials capable of large deformation, and to design advanced functional materials, devices, and systems with extraordinary functions. We will particularly interested in the applications in energy storage/harvesting, electronics, actuators, sensors, and health care, which are flexible/stretchable.


Doctor--Electrical and Electronic Engineering--Nanyang Technological University, Singapore--2009

Master--Condensed-Matter Physics--Jilin University--2003

Bachelor--Materials Science and Engineering--Jilin University--1999

Oversea Study and Visit

Post Doctoral,Duke University,United States,2011-05-01-2014-06-30

Post Doctoral,University of South Carolina,United States,2009-02-10-2011-04-30

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

National 1000-Young-Talent Program,Chinese Government,2014

Kewaunee Postdoctoral Achievement Award,Duke University,2014

Honours and Awards

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