Name: Chen Dan

Professor in Institute of Historical Studies

Phone: 86-27-87556545


Academic Areas: Modern Chinese History

Research Interest

modern history on the relationships between China and foreign countries,and the cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.


Bachelor--History--Peking University--2002

Master--History--Peking University--2004

Doctor--History--Peking University--2008

Oversea Study and Visit

Visiting Scholar,UC,Berkeley,America,2013-02-26-2014-02-26

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

Outstanding Graduate of Peking University,Peking University,2008

Honours and Awards

[1] Qingmo Kaocha Zhengzhi Wudachen Chuyang Yanjiu (A Study of Chinese Imperial Commissioners in Late Qing Dynasty), Dongfang Lishi Xueshu Wenku( A Series of Academic Books on the History of East Asia), Social Science Academic Press(China), 2011. Bisimai: Fanren yu Zhengzhijia (Bismarck: the Man and the Statesman), a translation work, Chinese Legal Publishing House, 2011. Sun Zhongshan yu Gongqi Yinzang, Global People, a special issue on the Revolution of 1911. Wudachen Chuyang Huodong zhongde Geming Yinsu( Revolutionary elements in the outgoing of the Chinese Imperial Commissioners in Late Qing Dynasty), “the Revolution of 1911 and the World: a International Seminar on the Celebration of 100th Anniversary of the 1911 Revolution” in Peking University, Oct. 17-20, 2011. Wudachen Riben Kaocha Huodong Yanjiu ( the Experience in Japan of the Chinese Imperial Commissioners in Late Qing Dynasty), “a International Seminar on the cultural communication between China and Japan in 2000 years: from the Past to the Future” in Peking University, Dec. 18-19, 2010. Zhongguo Junshishi Beijing Xiade Zhongri Zhanzheng (the Chinese-Japanese War in the Context of Chinese War History), a translation work, see: Zhanlue yu Lici Zhanyi (Strategy and All Previous Wars), Social Science Academic Press(China), 2009. Bainian Qian Beijing Zhengyang Men Chezhan Baozhaan de Fangxiang ( A Study on the Public Opinion to the Bomb Outrage in Zhengyang Men Station of Beijing One Hundred Years Ago.), Beijing Shehui Kexue (Peking Social Science), No. 2, 2008. Bainian Qian Zhongguoren dui Ri’e Zhanzheng de Renshi (A Study on the Public Opinion of 100 years ago to the War between Russia and Japan), Wenshi Zhishi (Cultural and historical Knowledge), No.8, 2005.