Name: Huang Yunhui

Professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering

Phone: 86-27-87558241


Academic Areas: Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Research Interest

Energy materials; Lithium-ion batteries; Solid-oxide fuel cells


Doctor--Inorganic Chemistry--Peking University, Beijing, China--2000

Master--Analysis chemistry --Peking University,Beijing,China--1991

Bachelor--Chemistry--Peking University,Beijing,China--1988

Oversea Study and Visit

Joint Research,Tokyo Institute of Technology,Japan,2002-09-01-2004-06-30

Post Doctoral,The University of Texas at Austin ,USA,2004-09-01-2007-06-30

Academic Memberships

Executive director,The branch of functional materials,Chinese Instrument Society,2012-09-01.2016-06-30

Member of council,China solid state ion association,China Silicate Society,2014-09-01.2018-06-30

Member of council,The branch of electrochemistry,Chinese Chemical Society,2014-09-01.2018-06-30

Honours and Awards

Special government allowance,The State Council,2013

Overseas Chinese Contribution Award,Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese,2012

Changjiang Scholar,Chinese Ministry of Education,2009

Honours and Awards

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