Name: Jiang Kai

Professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering

Phone: 86-27-87559524


Academic Areas: Materials Science

Research Interest

Energy storage and conversion materials and technologies


Master--Chemistry--Wuhan University, Wuhan,China--1999

Doctor--Electrochemistry--Wuhan University, Wuhan,China--2006

Oversea Study and Visit

Visiting Scholar,Materials Science and Engineering, MIT,USA,2000-01-01-2012-01-01

Visiting Scholar,Chemistry, Auburn University,USA,2007-01-01-2009-01-01

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

The Recruitment Program of Global Youth Experts,China,2012

Honours and Awards

[1] [1] Hojong Kim, Dane A. Boysen, Jocelyn M. Newhouse, Brian L. Spatocco, Brice Chung, Paul J. Burke, David J. Bradwell, Kai Jiang, Alina A. Tomaszowska, Kangli Wang, Weifeng Wei, Luis A. Ortiz, Salvador A. Barriga, Sophie M. Poizeau, and Donald R. Sadoway, Liquid Metal Batteries: Past, Present, and Future, Chem. Rev. 2013 [2] Kai Jiang, Hong Xie, Wei Zhan, Photocurrent Generation from Ru(bpy) Immobilized on Phospholipid/Alkanethiol Hybrid Bilayers, Langmuir 2009 [3] Kai Jiang, Hongxia Zhang, Curtis Shannon, and Wei Zhan, Preparation and Characterization of Polyoxometalate/Protein Ultrathin Films Grown on Electrode Surfaces Using Layer-by-Layer Assembly, Langmuir 2008 [4] Kai Jiang, Xiaohong Hu, Meng Ma, Dihua Wang, Guohong Qiu, Xianbo Jin, Goerge Z. Chen, Perovskitization Assisted Electrochemical Reduction of Solid TiO2, Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2006 [5] Kai Jiang, Xiaohong Hu, Huijiao Sun, Dihua Wang, Xianbo Jin, Yaoyao Ren and George Z. Chen, Electrochemical Synthesis of LiTiO2 and LiTi2O4 in Molten LiCl, Chemistry of Materials 2004