Name: Shi Yusheng

Professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering

Phone: 86-27-87557042


Academic Areas: Materials Science & Engineering

Research Interest

Rapid prototyping manufacturing ,  Near-net shape manufacturing, Rapid development of agricultural water saving products, optical electromechanical integration, etc.


Doctor--Engineering--China University of Geosciences ,Wuhan,China--1992

Master--Engineering--China University of Geosciences ,Wuhan,China--1986

Bachelor--Engineering--Wuhan College of Geology,Wuhan,China--1980

Oversea Study and Visit

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

The second prize of National Technological Innovation: Selective laser sintering molding equipment and technology,The Sate Council,2011

China//s top ten news of science and technology progress: The world//s largest laser rapid manufacturing equipment, Academician of China,2011

The second prize of National Scientific & Technological Progress Award: The rapid prototyping technology and system of Laminated object manufacturing and selective laser sintering rapid prototyping technology and system,The Sate Council,2001

The first prize of China machinery industry science and technology award: High speed machining and rapid 3 d measurement of High-performance complex parts,China Machinery Industry Federation,2013

The first prize of MOE technological progress award: The key technology, equipment and applications of high precision 3D measuring based on complex shape of the surface structure light complex shape,Ministry of Education,2011

The first prize of Hubei province technological progress award The selective laser rapid prototyping technology and its application on powder material,Hubei Provincial Government,2005

The Gold Award: A 3D measurement system of dynamic objects,The 41th Geneva international invention exhibition,2013

The Gold Award: A precision measurement system of modular space,The 40th Geneva international invention exhibition,2012

China invention & entrepreneurship prize and honorable title of contemporary inventor,China Association of invention,2009

China ten outstanding figures of science innovation,Chinese Web of Science,2011

China//s manufacturing industry top ten innovative characters,Asian Manufacturing Association,2012

China CCTV presentation of science and technology innovation award,CCTV,2013

Honours and Awards

[1] [1] Y Shi, J Chen, Y Wang, Z Li, and S Huang, Study of the selective laser sintering of polycarbonate and postprocess for parts reinforcement, P I MECH ENG L-J MAT, 2007 [2] Y Shi, Z Li, H Sun, S Huang and F Zeng, Effect of the properties of the polymer materials on the quality of selective laser sintering parts, P I MECH ENG L-J MAT, 2004 [3] Y Shi, Z Li, H Sun, S Huang and F Zeng, Development of a polymer alloy of polystyrene (PS) and polyamide(PA) for building functional part based on selective laser sintering (SLS), P I MECH ENG L-J MAT, 2004 [4] R Li, Y Shi, Z Wang, L Wang, J Liu and W Jiang, Densification behavior of gas and water atomized 316L stainless steel powder during selective laser melting, APPL SURF SCI, 2010 [5] C Yan, Y Shi, J Yang and L Xu, Preparation and selective laser sintering of nylon-12-coated aluminum powders, J COMPOS MATER, 2009 [6] J Liu, Y Shi, Z Lu and S Huang, Manufacturing near dense metal parts via indirect selective laser sintering combined with isostatic pressing, APPL PHYS A-MATER, 2009 [7] J Yang, Y Shi, Q Shen and C Yan, Selective laser sintering of HIPS and investment casting technology, J MATER PROCESS TECH, 2009 [8] Yusheng Shi, Jinhui Liu, Chunze Yan, Ruidi Li and Jingsong Yang, The selective laser rapid prototyping technology and its application on powder material, SCIENCE PRESS, 2012 [9] Yusheng Shi, The laser manufacturing technology, China Machine Press, 2012 [10] Yusheng Shi, Qingsong Wei, Chunze Yan, Congjun Wang, Jianhua Mo. Zhongwei Li, etc. , The series books of additive manufacturing technology,  Huazhong University of Science and Technology Press,2013