Name: Wang Chunming

Professor in School of Materials Science and Engineering

Phone: 86-27-87543894


Academic Areas: State Key Laboratory of Materials Processing and Die & Mold Technology

Research Interest

1) Laser welding; 2) Laser hybrid welding; 3)Real-time monitoring for laser materials processing; 4) Laser cutting; 5) Laser cleaning; 6) Interaction between laser and materials


Doctor--Materials Processing--Huazhong College of Technology, Wuhan, China--2000

Master--Materials Processing--Huazhong College of Technology, Wuhan, China--1996

Bachelor--Welding--Huazhong College of Technology, Wuhan, China--1992

Oversea Study and Visit

Visiting Scholar,Southern Methodist University,USA,2008-11-01-2009-11-30

Academic Memberships

Honours and Awards

Honours and Awards

[1] [1]The effect of aging heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of laser welded joints of alloy GH909, Materials Science and Engineering: A, 2014.3 [2]A study of fiber laser welding of galvanized steel using a suction method, Journal Of Materials Processing Technology, Available online 2014.2 [3]Study on the interaction mechanism between laser and rock during perforation, Optics &Laser Technology , 2013.12: [4]A study of the mechanism of laser welding defects in low thermal expansion superalloy GH909,Materials Characterization, 2013.04 [5]Microstructures and properties of laser welding joint of super-eutectic ZA alloy, Materials and Design, 2013.01 [6]Study on the periodic oscillation of plasma/vapor induced during high power fibre laser penetration welding, Optics And Laser Technology , 2012.02 [7]Role of side assisting gas on plasma and energy transmission during CO2 laser welding, Journal Of Materials Processing Technology, 2011.04